Smart technology is everywhere now. Apple has certainly revolutionized it with their smartphones and smartwatches. Now they are about to release their much anticipated Apple TV service this fall. Apple’s TV service will give you a wide variety of content that comes bundled together in one package. You will get programs from cable networks and broadcast networks for just one low monthly fee. Some of these programs include ESPN, HBO, Cinemax, Fox, ABC, NBC, Netflix, iTunes and more. Apple is currently finalizing the deals with their affiliates to allow their programs through the Apple TV service. These deals should be finalized by late fall, which is when the service is scheduled to be available. It can also connect with the media in your Apple accounts. So if you have a long list of HD movies that you purchased from iTunes, you can now bring them to a bigger television screen that has top notch quality. The only requirement for this service is that you have a smart television with an internet connection. The Apple TV is just a box that connects to your television, which is similar to a cable box. It is very simple to hook up as well.

There seems to be one hold up with the deals Apple is making with these television networks. Apparently, Apple wants to keep 30% of all the revenues earned from their service. Many networks seem to have a problem with that, since their programming is what constitutes most of the content in the service. But experts believe these minor setbacks are only temporary, and that a resolution between Apple and their affiliates will likely be made. As for consumers, they are already excited to hear about this Apple TV service. Apple TV is something that has been talked about for quite awhile now. Consumers have seen commercials and demonstrations at tech shows for this device, which has caused them to give it great praise. Now the real thing is about to be released and everyone is excited about it. More importantly, it will be a lot cheaper to get your television programming through Apple TV versus the traditional cable companies, like DirecTV and Bright House. Apple previously announced their monthly fee for the service would be $99, but they recently announced a drop to just $69. Because of the affordability, it is predicted that this service will become popular very quickly upon its availability.