Reports have indicated that Apple is going to release a new MacBook Air sometime in late February, early March. Based on the current reports available and the previous launch cycles conducted by Apple, the new MacBook Air is going to be nothing more than a slightly modified version of the previous MacBook Air. The only difference is the newer version will have a faster processor, additional storage options and more memory. However, it is unlikely that it will be fully redesigned into something else entirely. The exterior look is bound to be the same. When an updated version of MacBook Air was released last April, it only included new Intel processors and expanded memory. But they did lower their asking price to $899 during this time, so one can only hope they will do the same this time as well.

Back in January, Intel reintroduced their newest line of Broadwell processors that are made for desktop and laptop computers. Speculation suggests that future MacBook Air computers will have these chips in them. People expect Apple to make a lot of changes to their MacBook Air computer model throughout the year. The latest rumor is that Apple is working on a MacBook Air with a 12 inch screen and Retina resolution. This would be just like the resolution screen that you can find on the MacBook Pro. Studies show that consumers really care about screen resolution and picture quality with their computers. Between online gaming and watching movies, picture clarity is everything. So if Apple tries to enhance these features then it will make their loyal customers very happy.

The economy is slowly getting better and this means more people are spending their money on material things, like computers. However, an $899 computer may still be too expensive for some people. Even though this is supposed to be a discount, consumers are not going to spend more than $500 on any laptop unless it can do some pretty impressive things. After all, there are many cheap laptops on the market that can perform basic functions. The only reason you would need a MacBook Air is if you worked on the computer and had to store lots of data onto it. But if you are a loyal Apple fan, then you might want to purchase the MacBook Air just for the sake of owning a new Apple product. If you have the money to spare then go for it. Otherwise, you might want to wait for a completely new laptop model to come out.