AORUS P850 and P750: Gigabyte delves into power supplies with modular 80 Plus Gold


AORUS, the Gigabyte brand specialized in high-end components and for playing, has just presented its two new AORUS P850 and AORUS P750 power supplies. Both models have been subjected to rigorous stress tests by the manufacturer and are 80 PLUS Gold certified. Also, both models are totally modular with their cables.

The new power supplies AORUS P850 and P750 follow the current trend, in the vast majority of manufacturers of components that are more oriented towards the high-end, to use a completely modular wiring. This means that no cable comes directly from the power supply itself, but all must be connected to it through their corresponding connectors. A fashion that does not make much sense, when, at least, a motherboard needs, at least, the power main by its corresponding 24-pin connector, and power to the processor by its EPS connector.

Although, leaving a bit of the norm, Gigabyte has included a capacitor at the end of several of the cables that carry the greatest amount of power, such as the 24-pin, the EPS +12 V 8-pin and the cables for power auxiliary of the graphic card. According to the manufacturer, it does this to increase the efficiency of the source.

AORUS P850 specs

To achieve efficiency 80 PLUS Gold, AORUS used inside the new power supplies, Japanese capacitors of the highest quality, they are able to provide one stable power without parasitic noise. To this also it helps the use of a fan of 135 mm, which has been regulated so that only begins to run from the source registers more than 20% of workload, before being turned off. This fan is equipped with a double ball bearing, which greatly prolongs its operational life.

The two AORUS P850 and P750 sources are equipped with all kinds of protections that prevent a possible failure at any point of the power supply line to the components from becoming a catastrophic failure and damaging them in any way. In any case, the sources are covered by a 10-year guarantee, which is always a point in their favor.

Its internal architecture is as a single rail source, with the +12 V being able to supply almost all the power of the power supply.

Gigabyte AORUS have not provided data on when will begin the commercialization of these new models of sources, nor on what will be its sale price.

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