AOC G2590VXQ is cheap gaming computer monitor

AOC G2590VXQ review

AOC has just presented its new monitor AOC G2590VXQ. This monitor, despite its low price, is loaded with features more typical of monitors of a higher category. With a panel with a refresh rate of 1 ms or AMD FreeSync technology. The gamers not only live on monitors with a zillion inches of screen, with very high resolutions, and with many technologies on their monitors. No, there are gamers who do not have that much money. But they do not want to do without having a good monitor, with a good image quality and with technologies that help them in their games. Of all the technologies that a gamer wants on his monitor, the first one is AMD FreeSync. Because it is the technology for improved cheaper image that can be found in a cheap monitor. Yes, it is true, G-Sync technology can be more exploited by having more number of Nvidia graphics cards than AMD in the market. But, the reality is that monitors with G-Sync technology are more expensive since Nvidia charges monitors manufacturers for using this technology, which AMD does not do when using theirs.

The new G2590VXQ AOC has a panel with a refresh rate of 75 Hz. The novelty is that it is variable between 30 and 75 Hz.

That aspect is important because it is common for the gamer user who has such a cheap monitor does not have a top-of-the-line equipment to move his games. Therefore it is very common that the range of fps in which your graphics card moves oscillates precisely between 30 and 75 fps. This will ensure that the user, with the equipment they have, will always have the best image quality when playing.

Perhaps the main reason why the monitor is cheap is that it uses a TN matrix. Yes, we all know that this type of matrices are not the most appropriate when we are looking for image quality. But, on the other hand, they are the simplest matrices to manufacture and, therefore, cheaper to do so. It is also true that these matrices are the fastest in the market. For example, the matrix that equips the new AOC G2590VXQ has a response time of only 1 ms. If you can live with the narrow angles of vision and not excessively accurate colors, they are not a bad alternative for a gamer.

The price of AOC G2590VXQ will be EUR 180.2. That’s not bad for a 25-inch monitor with AMD FreeSync technology.

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