Anidees AI-GP-CL8 RGB fans for graphic cards

Anidees AI-GP-CL8

Depending on the box and the GPU configuration that we have, we may get better or worse temperatures inside our equipment. If after intense games sessions we notice that our GPU – or we check it through the sensors – reaches too high temperatures, we may be interested in having a way to refrigerate it directly and Anidees has provided it with the AI-GP-CL8.

This new system of air cooling is integrated into the PCIe slots of our box, although it is not powered by the PCIe connection, it does so through a SATA cable. With this SATA cable we feed the three 80 mm fans that this accessory incorporates: the Anidees AI-HALORGB8, fans that can switch between 256 colors and operate in revolutions of 500 to 1200 RPM. Regarding its cooling power, we find a CFM of 5.6 to 16.94 and an air pressure range of 0.31 to 1.23 MM-H2O. The noise range of these fans is between 16.9 and 23.2 dBA.

You can play with the placement of this accessory according to the options of your PC, if you have vertical slots you can connect it without using adapters (since it only uses the slot in the box) or if it is simply horizontal installation, what you need It’s two free slots. When mentioning that it has RGB, we have the obligation to explain how the RGB controller of this gadget is used. To control the LED lighting and the speed of the fans we can use the buttons that integrate in the side panel. Being such a simple device we do not have the option of incorporating it to our motherboard to use it through the driver of this.

Maybe in future revisions they will make a much more versatile product that can be used as the rest of the refrigeration and lighting of our plate. If you have a microATX tower, you may not be able to use this accessory, as they have fewer side slots.

Price and availability of the new Anidees AI-GP-CL8
Anidees has put this refrigerator for $ 39.99 on the main online platforms.

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