android_netbook_2014Computer technology is getting increasingly innovative by the day. But despite all of this innovation, computer manufacturers are constantly coming up with ways of making their devices affordable to the average consumer. This is what is known as bargain technology. This type of technology is a cheaper version of a better model. We have seen this with the iPhone 5 that Apple introduced last year. They had both the expensive iPhone 5s and the less expensive iPhone 5c. Well now, a French electronics company called “Archos” is trying to make a cheaper version of the Android laptop. Their latest development is the ArcBook, which will only cost $170. The ArcBook features a 10.1” touch screen, a camera, USB port, trackpad and keyboard. It will be powered by a dual core ARM Cortex A9 processor with 1.2 GHz and 1 GB of RAM. The ArcBook will also be preloaded with Office Suite software, but only an 8 GB hard drive. Don’t worry though because all purchasers of the ArcBook will receive 15 GB of storage on Google Drive for free. You can also expand your storage through the use of micro SD cards, which can go up to 64 GB in memory.

Archos has certainly drawn a lot of attention to their ArcBook development since it was announced to the public. They claim their netbook will be able to stay charged for nine hours before it needs to be charged again. Some critics are skeptical about this claim because the company’s last netbook, which was the Archos 10, reportedly had a very low duration of battery life. As for the hardware itself, it is nothing special because it features the standard touchscreen and keyboard combination. It also has 1080p video quality as well. But, consumers will likely still buy this netbook simply because it is only $170. In this rough economy, people are still looking for good deals on consumer electronics. $170 is not a lot of money for any kind of computer, especially a netbook. So, when the ArcBook finally gets released it is expected to sell very well in stores. Unfortunately, Archos has not announced an official release date for their ArcBook. Most critics think it will be released towards the end of the year on either Black Friday or Christmas. That is the time of year when people have money to spend and are looking for quality deals on computers. The ArcBook will certainly be a runner up on their shopping list.