AMD vs Nvidia, who won in 2016?

AMD vs Nvidia 2016

Not long ago we criticized the fact that AMD had not responded to the presentation of the GTX and 1080 GTX NVIDIA 1070 . Better late than never, the company finally moved red tab and introduced its new Radeon RX 480 , a real shot to be a very high performance graphics to and a price almost insulting. According to market analysts , this movement AMD has benefited much to the company, and you are taking the lead to NVIDIA in the market.


The big difference between presentations NVIDIA and AMD has undoubtedly been that of Synnyvale taught a solution that is far from being top end, while NVIDIA did show a stop current range although it is known that will soon be relegated when You teach the 1080 GTX and the new Titan. With everything and with that, the RX 480 AMD is a graph with a performance / price / performance never seen before, because in terms of performance will be among the GTX 980 and GTX 980 Ti but with a price of only $ 199.

AMD Radeon RX 480

You look where you look, and much that is just an appetizer of what AMD has prepared us with Polaris and Vega, the RX 480 has had an enormously positive impact on the market, a fact that highlights the analysts saying that promote and AMD market much, even though all consider that it has come too late. Most analysts, like MKM, say that AMD has done better than NVIDIA in his last public appearances.

The conclusion is clear: NVIDIA presents a bestial two graphics performance, but with quite high prices. AMD’s answer is a single graphical underperformed but with a price that breaks all schemes. AMD certainly has struck a fist on the table in terms of market, and most likely force a move NVIDIA 1060 GTX alleged presenting with a price that would rival this RX 480 AMD.

And best of all is that both NVIDIA, with graphic we mentioned above, as AMD with other graphic Polaris and, above all, with Vega, still have a lot of aces up its sleeve that will certainly go us to surprise. Personally I think, though I myself criticized the red for not responding to NVIDIA with its early submission, the company has done really well with the RX 480, because that $ 199 price made me see many fans of NVIDIA rethink your next purchase.

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