Living Local, a hyper-local social networking platform to connect Mumbai Hooders like never before

Living Local, an all-new social platform for connecting everyone from their neighbor“hood” (locality) has launched its website A new online identity for everyone based on where they live – their Hood. “Claim Your Hood” to reach and connect with all your fellow Hooders in an exciting social networking platform.
living local

‘Hooders’, as the Living Local team defines, are people from all walks of life who reside in a particular area – like Andheri, Bandra, Juhu etc. You as an individual, who resides in that area, get to enhance and enrich your living experience by being connected with everyone from the same locality. Want to know a free wifi café in your area? Or a local dog friendly restaurant? Or people with similar interests in your area. Claim your Hood and get the most targeted reach and connect in your area. The platform envisaged as a responsive website followed by a mobile app is sure to appeal all demographics that are up for new and exciting ways to connect with where they live.

The website is slated to emerge as a unique platform to create a sense of oneness and sharing among Hooders while improving communication among them and the surrounding business community. Living Local’s phase 1 encompasses key categories such as Food and Nightlife, Pets, Kids and Parenting, Fitness and All things Hood that can help a Hooder seamlessly associate with another Hooder with similar interests.

Anubhav Anand, Co-founder & CEO, along with Neeraj Vasudeva, Co-founder and COO were elated to unveil India’s first hyper-local social website. Anubhav shared, “A sense of belonging to where we live is a natural human instinct. This is enriched with the connect of all people who share this common surrounding- their Hood. Living Local is a philosophy converted in to this common connect social platform for all Hooders to reach out and connect with each other with a heightened sense of belonging. We invite everyone to Claim their Hood and connect with all your fellow Hooders. Given the stupendous response our Living Local print magazine fetched over the last one and a half year, we are quite uniquely positioned to enhance that hyper-local targeted reach and connect through our website followed soon by an App launch.”

“We’re at an interesting crossroads where entertainment, information sharing and the digital media space is all coming together. This convergence presents a huge potential to create a platform that can make a whole neighbor-‘hood’ connect to each other at all times. And this very thought led to the creation of Living Local. It has been such an enjoyable journey to create it. We are sure it will be an even more exciting journey for Hooders to leverage it every single day and connect with other Hooders, first in selected hoods in Mumbai, then in India and later across the world,” added Neeraj.

Who do you reach out to for things are relevant around your Hood?

Finding a neighborhood free wifi café, recommending a pet-friendly local park, seeking a good music class for your kid, recommending an absolutely not to be missed cool must-do in a hood or enquiring about any happening around where you live. You reach out to your fellow Hooders.

And where do you reach out to them?

That’s where Living Local comes in and becomes your one of its kind go-to Hood related social-connect. The website has a vibrant look and feel and boasts of a base of enthusiastic Hooders who love to share and care about each other.

Created on the premise, ‘If Hood is where you belong then Hooders are whom you belong with!’, the two co-founders Anubhav Anand and Neeraj Vasudeva are quite charged up to make Living Local a one-stop destination for all the action taking place in a hooder’s life and surroundings.

“I am Living Local, are you?” is Mumbai’s latest mantra. With Living Local, answers to all the local area queries, sharing of ideas, recommendations and discovering a neighbor-‘hood’ with a new outlook are just a click away. Log on and explore the exciting world of your very own HOOD and that’s worth sharing and experiencing with fellow hooders around you.