BuyUCoin Scam alert: is Bogus Crypto currency trading website

BuyUCoin review

BuyUCoin is a new crypto currency trading website that claims to be number one trading portal in India. On top of that, there have been myriad complaints about not crediting people’s money. Pair that with the fact they take sensitive personal details like PAN card, bank account details and Aadhaar card, I do not think anyone should give even one paisa to them.

Here is one of the many complaints from the users that was posted on a reputed bitcoin website, themerkel

Well It has been 5 days since I deposited Rs.5000 (duly debited from my account) and waiting for it to reflect in my wallet. I had been trying to call the number provided in the website and it doesn’t exist!!! I had written mails and not much of a response other than my request is in ‘Pending” status. If this is not being a scam then what else. Get this checked ASAP or I am going to make a post about this in every forum discussing coins and make it point that nobody else gets scammed like me.

Another website about crypto currency, cryptocoindaddy has also raised concerns about which says the website in question claims to be number one exchange even though it is new to the scene. There are plenty of players in the crypto currency game.

Verdict – Proceed with extreme caution. This is a scam portal and your money will be lost.