Broadcom Crystal Hardware Accelerator pictures

Want to see how a Broadcom Crystal Hardware Accelerator card looks like? An Eeeuser member dissected his Asus 1005PR to replace the HDD with a Samsung SSD and also took the decoder card out to take some pictures of it.

Broadcom Crystal Hardware Accelerator

So, if anyone is wondering how the Asus 1005PR manages to playback those HD videos, it is all due to this little wonder.

Here is what the post says.

“I just replaced my hard drive with a Samsung 64GB SLC SSD drive the other day, so I decided to remove the Broadcom CrystalHD decoder card and snap some pics of it in case anybody wanted to see it. It just mounts in the lower right corner of the unit underneath the piggyback card (that also has the SD slot on it) and has 2 ribbon cables that lead to it from the main board.”

Being able to play videos you may not otherwise be able to is one plus, being able to watch higher res Flash Video with Flash 10.1 installed is another plus, and you can also benefit outputting the video to an external PC VGA compatible screen as a final plus.  All without needing a HD screen, but you can upgrade and get that bonus too if your really wanted to.