Belkin cares about Mother Earth by reducing green house emissions, using solar panels and carpooling

The technology around us is improving at amazing rate and that has its share of downsides as well. Our gadgets now become obsolete in less than an year. Thus, electronic waste is a huge problem in India. It causes harm to not only human health but also to plants, animals and environment. Delhi and Belgaluru generates 9000 and 8300 metric tonnes of waste respectively every day.

belkin earth day

Belkin, being one of the most advanced and active technology companies in world, cares about Earth and since 2009, the company has reduced green house emissions by 25 percent.

Belkin makes use of whopping 518 solar panels on its buildings and reduces overall electricity by 37 percent. The company also helps cutting down the carbon footprint by making use of van pools and connecting commuters for carpooling opportunities.

Belkin India often provides cash incentives for public transportation, carpooling, telecommuting and off schedules to ensure there is less congestion during peak commuting hours.

Belkin understands that we need to take care of environment and find ways to contribute in reduction of adverse impact on planet Earth. India’s electronic waste is estimated to reach about 52 lakh tones in 2020 and we must take steps now before it becomes impossible to do something about it.