Zebronics Max Plus backlit mechanical keyboard launched in India

Zebronics Max Plus backlit mechanical keyboard

There are not a lot of mechanical keyboards with backlit feature in India. Zebronics has launched one today whose keys have LED backlights with three adjusting brightness levels. There are 12 dedicated multimedia keys that ensure you get active feedback as well as audible sound from the keys. The construction of keyboard is also very heavy and sturdy, this will make sure that keyboard will not move even while the most intense gaming sessions.

Priced at 2999 rupees, the Zebronics Max Plus will ideal for gamers as-well-as for those who were looking backlit mechanical keyboards. The keyboard boasts suspended keycaps and keys with double injection for durability and a smooth and better gaming experience. Zebronics Max Plus is heavy and sturdy to ensure it does not move around when typing or gaming at fast speeds. It should definitely be on your shortlist if you are looking for a cheap backlit keyboard in India.

Mr. Pradeep Doshi, Director – Zebronics says

Max Plus is the level II for the ultimate gaming experience. It is a culmination of advanced performance and technology designed for gamers with a redefined sense of style and sophistication. Along with Max Plus we have series of products in pipeline exclusively for Gaming, Keep watching this space for more.

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