SportsBot SS302 Review: Excellent 4-in-1 Gaming Over-Ear Headset Headphone, Keyboard, Mouse and Mousepad Combo

sportsbot keyboard

Soundbot is popular for making excellent gaming accessories at affordable prices and their SportsBot SS302 combo is no exception. For less than INR 4000 / USD 35, you are getting a backlit keyboard, backlit mouse, headphones and mousepad.


It is a nice keyboard and has lights in it – so yes, it is backlit. It has different lights for different scenarios. You can do that tapping on settings button present on left of mute button. This will change colors between purple, blue and red.

If you tap on function and setting button together, backlit starts pulsing. To change brightness of backlit, press function + page up/down. The keyboard is powered by USB.

soundbot keyboard

There are micro buttons on the left that can be programmed for different tasks in the game. There are three memory buttons as well. There are dedicated multimedia buttons as well.

Gaming mouse

Gaming mouse is pretty cool. It is heavy and feel solid in hand. It has some backlit control feature as well. Tap on buttons located on left side to control them. It has nice grip.

On the center, there is DPI control button. When it is purple, it is 800DPI, Blue means 1200, red 2400 and when it is pink, it is operating at 1600 DPI.
soundbot mouse

Like keyboard and mouse, this one too changes colors. By default it is blue.

It has overhead design that will fit comfortably on most people’s head. It has microphone as well that works as expected.

You also get a volume control on the cord. Also, present is a base boost button that can be toggled on and off at any time.

soundbot headphones

The headphones sound really nice. They have this thing called base boost. The USB port on the headphone jack is used for it. So when you turn it on, it vibrates your head.


It has well designed surface and it worked well with all the games we tested. It is larger than most mousepads and definitely a nice addition in the package.

Verdict – Everything works pretty well. And if you liked this setup, you can get it for less than 4000 rupees / 35 dollars. Excellent deal.

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