SoundBot SportsBot SS301 Review: Affordable backlit keyboard, mouse combo with headset

SoundBot SportsBot SS301 review

SoundBot SportsBot SS301 combo set is excellent deal that gets you backlit keyboard, mouse and over-ear headset in a single pack. Throw in a great, affordable price tag and you have a winner in your hands. It is great for both gamers and professionals that are looking for a quality keyboard, mouse (+headset!) combo that does not break their bank – something that is on the affordable price. All devices have blue backlit that gives it a sporty/gaming look.

Both mouse and keyboard are very ergonomic. The build quality is really good for the price, which is INR 2990 on e-commerce portals.

Keyboard – It is not your regular thin and light keyboard. It weighs a lot 800 grams and has a solid feel to it. The key press is straight and precise. It is not chiclet and offers full size keyboard experience. As said earlier, it has a blue backlit which I personally like (more than red). Interestingly, windows key can be disabled which is useful when doing gaming.

Mouse – The mouse included in SportsBot SS301 package is full size and feels extremely comfortable in hand. It has four changeable levels of dip resolution – 800/1200/1600/2000. There are additional forward and backward buttons which are also mappable in games. This is also very useful when doing web browsing since they double as forward and back button in web browser. The scroll wheel is larger and high precision scroll wheel.

SoundBot SportsBot SS301 review

Headset – It is interesting to see how SoundBot was able to throw in a gaming handset at this price tag. Most are just looking for backlit gaming keyboard and mouse combo. The headset is of high quality. It completely isolates you from background noise and features 40mm speaker driver with volume controller and high quality microphone.

SoundBot SportsBot SS301 review

It has excellent padding and you would not feel jaded even after hours of gaming. It is not heavy too which is a huge plus. Keep in mind that the headset only glows if you plug-in its USB drive.

Verdict – SoundBot SportsBot SS301 is an excellent combo for gaming enthusiasts and professionals who are looking affordable backlit keyboard, mouse and headset. Buy it and we bet you will not regret it.

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