Razer BlackWidow X review: minimalist design, and cheaper

Razer BlackWidow X reviews

Maybe it’s because Razer has realized that the consequence of considered category “Premium” and therefore have high prices, is taking away sales volume, or may have been because they want to enter other ranges on the market, but the it is that Razer has announced the launch of its new mechanical keyboard BlackWidow X , a version minimalist and cheap of its top-end Razer Blackwidow Chroma.

This new line of keyboards is, as mentioned, a minimalist version of the original BlackWidow keyboard. hardened plastic cover to make way for a metal structure is replaced high quality, and have removed the keys to the left side macros keyboard and USB hub / audio. Continues to have the award-winning Razer RGB lighting Chroma, although the manufacturer has said that we will soon see an even cheaper version that will lack it.

Razer BlackWidow X review

Razer does not withdraw, yes, to mechanical switches manufactured in (have confirmed that only will the Green version, and no version with silent switches Orange), although they have said they will have a somewhat cheaper Cherry MX version equipped with switches original Blue (which for me is a personally pro rather than a counter, it is not offered with MX Blue version with lighting Chroma). Razer core price and compatibility.

Since this new Blackwidow X series aims to reduce the price of keyboards, we will see several versions. On the one hand the top end, the Blackwidow X Chroma which will be priced (at the Razer Store) 190 euros, the Tournament version without keypad that will cost about 150 euros, the Razer BlackWidow X Ultimate unlit Chroma by 120 euros and a version of it with Cherry MX Blue switches which remains the cheapest manufacturer, for 100 euros.

Razer has already confirmed that sent us a sample of this new keyboard so that we can show you our analysis. We do not know which version will reach us, but we suspect that will be the top end Blackwidow Chroma X version.

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