Philips Brilliance P-Line 241P6E released

Philips Brilliance P-Line 241P6E review. The new Philips monitor is equipped with an LCD screen with IPS-ADS technology with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz. Two built-in speakers, 2 W each. The real “strength”, however, is the implementation of SoftBlue technology.

Philips Brilliance P-Line 241P6E review

The SoftBlue technology was created with the intent to be easy on the eyes and at the same time to maintain brilliant colors. Recent studies have shown that the blue light rays of the LED display can cause vision problems. SoftBlue, ensuring the same quality and brightness of the monitor images that do not implement such technology, significantly reduces the blue light waves. This technology has enabled Philips to obtain the certification of international companies, such as TUV Rheinland and SGS Labs.

Philips Brilliance P-Line 241P6E

The panel has the IPS-ADS technology, ensuring the best images made ​​possible by greatly decentralized angles. They are in fact guaranteed of incredible quality images up to 178 degrees. In addition, regardless of the angle, the IPS-ADS technology ensures sharpness and natural colors, making this monitor perfect for movies, photos, web browsing and professional software for editing video and image retouching. SmartImage, the right visual quality depending on the application.

Unique technology of last generation, SmartImage Philips allows you to select various picture modes (such as: “Game”, “Energy Saving”, “Office” ) through an intuitive interface. Depending on the selected mode, SmartImage dynamically optimizes the contrast, sharpness, and also by adjusting the saturation of images. Flicker-Free is instead the Philips technology specifically designed for LED screens with backlighting, which reduces flickering, to ensure less eyestrain.

SmartErgoBase is not simply a fixed base to monitor; It allows a convenient cable management and of adjustable height, tilt and rotation angle of the display with extreme simplicity and efficiency. Philips Brilliance P-Line 241P6E has PowerSensor, an infrared sensor (not harmful) that allows the display to see if the user is still using the monitor or is no longer in the room. If you depart from the brightness of the display panel it is automatically lowered, reducing fuel consumption by up to 80%. Other integrated sensor is the “LightSensor” that, exactly as it happens for the latest generation of smartphones, is able to detect the amount of light present in the room to adjust, accordingly, the brightness of the screen.

Many connectivity options, including DVI-D, VGA, Display Port and Universal HDMI connector. Finally, Philips Brilliance P-Line 241P6E comes with a USB Hub 3.0.
The 3.0 standard enables high data transfer rates (5 gbit / s), almost 10 times more than the 2.0 ports. Philips has implemented the FastCharge technology, allowing the user to quickly recharge smartphones, tablets and any compatible device.

Philips Brilliance P-Line 241P6E ensures high image quality, low power consumption and pays particular attention to the welfare of the people using it thanks to SoftBlue technology. If you are looking for a new display, this could definitely be your choice.

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