Phanteks Eclipse P350X: new cheap Computer case with tempered glass and RGB LED

Phanteks Eclipse P350X

The manufacturer of computer case, Phanteks, has introduced its new model Eclipse P350X, aimed at users who do not have large sums of money, but do not want to do without having a very large box on the inside, and with one of its sides manufactured using a tempered glass sheet that allows to see its interior without problems. The can that tempered glass is not the best choice when building a computer box. But it is, of course, the option that lately most users of box manufacturers are demanding. And these have been taking a while for model after model of boxes that use this material in one or several of its sides. While it is true that this material brings a touch of undisputed beauty to the box, we’ll see what users think if one day they break the glass (something that is not so complex that it happens) and have to pay for a new one to replace it.

In any case, the new box Phanteks Eclipse P350X wants to take the touch of beauty that provides the tempered glass, but limits its use to the left side of the box. In this way, the user, and anyone, can see without obstruction all the hardware that has been mounted on it.

The new Eclipse 350X has been designed so that its interior is very wide, something necessary when you want to mount high performance hardware. For example, the box supports the mounting of motherboards in E-ATX format (although with a maximum width of 280 mm), as well as heatsinks up to 160 mm in height, graphics cards up to 400 mm in length and, finally, power supplies up to 250 mm in length. All this in a fairly compact body, given that it measures 455 (Al) x 200 (Pr) x 450 mm (W).

The ventilation also has a very important role in Eclipse 350X. Standard comes with a 120 mm fan installed on the front. But you can also install up to two fans of 120 or 140 mm on the front, as many similar on the roof of the box (roof that comes protected against dust with a magnetic grid) and another 120 mm on the back.

The storage consists of two 3.5 “bays, located on the front and two other 2.5” bays located on the back of the mounting plate of the motherboard (although it would support a third, which would have to be purchased separately). ). As usual in current box models, the box lacks 5.25 “bays.

On the front of the box and on the left side, Phanteks has installed RGB LED strips with its Digital RGB system, whose use and configuration is compatible with MSI Mystic Lightning technologies and ASUS Aura Sync.

Although the manufacturer has not revealed when it will begin commercialization, during the past CES Las Vegas 2018 it was revealed that its price would be USD 69.99.

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