Logitech M337 Review – Must have accessory for every MacBook Air and Pro laptop owner

Logitech M337 Review

Logitech makes a lot of mice and in fact, it is number one mouse manufacture in world. Logitech M337 is bluetooth mouse that I personally feel every single MacBook Air and Pro owner should get. Both of these new laptops by Apple lack full size USB ports which means unless you go the dongle-route, which you should not, you will not be able to use the usual wireless mouse that are already in market. 

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Avita Essential 14 RAM upgrade – Avita Essential 14 SSD – Avita Essential 14 storage upgrade – Avita Essential 14 battery replacement

Avita Essential 14 is a cheap laptop that offers Intel Celeron N4000 processor, 128GB SSD and 4GB RAM. What can be upgraded on Avita Essential 14? Can RAM memory or storage be upgraded?

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