MSI Radeon RX MECH 2: new AMD GPU based on RX 580

MSI Radeon RX MECH 2 review specs

After the fall of the NVIDIA GeForce Partner Program, the collaborating companies have begun to show their new prototypes & it seems that they have been prepared for some time. In this case, it is the launch of the new MSI graphics cards, the MSI Radeon RX MECH 2, which is based on AMD RX 580 graphics.

NVIDIA has assured that the GPP has died, alleging among other things that its main objective is to decentralize the focus of the means of its new program, so that they can refocus on showing the benefits of the development that the company carries out every year. That is, the program has been terminated so as not to damage the company’s image.

MSI has not yet shown their new MSI MECH 2 graphics cards on their website, so we can not know if they will be for NVIDIA and AMD or only for AMD. We can only figure everything out by the image we being shown to us. The new brand does not use the new Vega architecture, but has decided to use the old Polaris architecture of the RX500 – a brand that Gigabyte defined as non-gaming in the GPP. The top portion shows the name of the GPU: MSI Radeon RX580 MECH 2 8G OC. With 8 GB of VRAM and factory unlock, it will allow the graphics reach higher frequencies without having to do anything.

AMD RX 580 Review – the GPU on which the MSI Radeon RX MECH 2 is based on. The performance will be more or less same.

The image also shows the video ports which are not less by any means, one DVI, two HDMI and two DisplayPort. What we do not know if they have updated the DisplayPort or HDMI version. The ventilation design of this graphic seems a bit more advanced than that of the Armor series, so it may be placed between it and the Gaming.

This announcement has taken place a month before Computex 2018, so MSI may be waiting to show the world this card at the convention, which will take place between June 5 and 9. MSI has not yet given any information about the specifications or price of the new graphics, but what we do know is that they are most likely to be available as of July.

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