HP Mini Z2: Intel Xeon and NVIDIA Quadro on the size of a NUC

HP Mini Z2 review (1)

HP has unveiled its first workstation form factor less than mini ITX, the HP Z2 Mini , which aims to give professional users (especially those who use CAD ) all the power you need with low power consumption, noise almost null, and in a format that takes up no space on the desk. The HP Mini Z2 is great for those who are looking to find a nice mini PC laptop that they can use for both work and gaming. It does not take up much space on the desk and doubles as duty of an Xbox or Play Station gaming console.

First of all I must say that for the time HP has unveiled smoke and nothing else. They spoke at a conference held at the Autodesk University, its new workstation HP Mini Z2 but have not said anything about its characteristics, or in other words, we do not know exactly what hardware is inside.

HP Mini Z2 review (2)

Yes they have dropped the team will feature the latest generation of Intel Xeon processors and NVIDIA professional graphics with the ability to connect up to six displays simultaneously, but nothing concrete (assuming that the latter will be thanks to Thunderbolt and adapters). Nor do they mention how cool they think such hardware components on a computer so small as HP is 90% smaller than their current workstations and laptops meant for AutoCAD and 63% quieter than these.

Although the announcement of HP has angered enthusiasts by the fact that they have not specified practically nothing, will be a launch to consider because if indeed the company has managed to cram Xeon processor and professional Nvidia graphics in the size of a team NUC format certainly be a marvel of engineering. In principle we not have to wait long as other have said that will be released in the month of December at a price of 699 dollars depart.

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