The ElectrFar Cry 4onic Entertainment Expo, also called E3, has recently taken place in Los Angeles. This annual event is an opportunity for big video gaming companies to release their newest games and consoles to the world. More importantly, it gives a chance for these companies to interact with their fans and present them with some pretty sweet deals in the hopes of staying ahead of the competition. Sony’s announcement at E3 was an offer where customers buying the new Far Cry 4 video game would receive other free games on the PlayStation Network. This deal is exclusive to the Sony PlayStation, and Sony’s rival, Microsoft Xbox, will likely lose a small portion of their customer base as a result. After all, the Far Cry series is very popular amongst video game players of all the major consoles. Even if customer owns multiple gaming systems, they will most likely buy Far Cry 4 on PlayStation since they have the most attractive offer.

The Far Cry series was developed by Ubisoft. They are first-person shooter games that are fun and adventurous at the same time. At the E3 gathering, Ubisoft showed off their new Far Cry 4 game to a crowd that seemed very pleased with the game play. The game has a new feature that allows you to call in other mercenaries to help you in battle. At the event, a scene from the game was demonstrated where a single engine aircraft landed and the player got on board. Then the player shot a big machine gun at a large compound. The people who were watching this at the event were laughing and cheering at this demonstration. It is safe to say that the game is gaining a lot of attention and that fans of the series will be quick to spend their money on it when it gets released. Ubisoft plans on releasing the game sometime later this year, although an exact date is yet to be determined. The game will be available on all the major gaming systems, like PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and even on PC. Since Sony is offering the opportunity for people to play for free on the PlayStation Network, then you can only imagine which console is going to win in the end.