Dell SE2717H offers 27 inch free sync display for 250 dollars

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Finally good news for gamers. Dell has announced the launch of its new monitor, SE2717H equipped with an array of 27 – inch LED IPS-like (tbc) with resolution Full HD and compatible with AMD FreeSync technology , by a price which will be around 250 euros .Finally a monitor Gaming really affordable.

We mentioned that the type of panel is yet to be confirmed, it is that Dell has not released specifications. Following these gives the impression that the matrix is ​​IPS (178 degrees of viewing angles and response time of 6 ms GtG among other things) or at least IPS-Type, but as Dell we said will need to confirm it has not said nothing.

The matrix has LED backlight (for sure) and has a size of 27 inches, which coupled with its Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) it gives us a density of 82 pixels per inch. It has a typical contrast ratio of 1000 to 1 and dynamics of 8 million to 1, with a maximum brightness of 250 cd / m2 and as we said before, a response time of 6 ms GtG that ultimately will result in between 8 and 12 most likely, still perfectly suitable for Gaming.

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The best part is that the Dell SE2717H is compatible with AMD FreeSync technology, with a frequency range between 48 and 75 Hz. It is not to be a run at 144 Hz, but considering that as I overtook in the introduction item will have a price to be around 250 dollars is very, very affordable, then be aware that in the market FreeSync other compatible monitors that cost more expensive and only allowed between 42 and 60 Hz.

Finally, note that this Dell monitor, not belonging to the Ultrasharp (the highest-end manufacturer) series, has some of its typical characteristics in terms of ergonomics. For example, it lacks VESA for arms, and the screen position can only be changed slightly in tilt (thus no modification of height or rotation). Incidentally, as video inputs has only one HDMI 1.4a which is to be used with FreeSync, and VGA. Dell has announced the SE2717H to market this month at a price of $ 249.

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