nokia lumia eos

Nokia is rumored to be working on new Lumia smartphones. Guardian reports new Lumia EOS featuring a 41MP camera last seen in recently discontinued Nokia 808 Pureview is to be featured on new Lumia EOS. Pureview was the last Symbian phone before Nokia switched over to Microsoft Windows Phone 8 OS.

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41MP camera thought to be used on new Lumia EOS is a premium camera with oversampling technology chopping out noise and other unwanted elements from low light, high ISO pictures to produce a crisp 5MP picture. The technology is called Pureview and the quality of pictures produced by this camera is equivalent to 5 times the resolution of premium handsets today. Nokia Lumia 900 for example features 8.7MP camera.

While we’re on a rumor tip, Nokia’s Lumia 1000 has been spotted by Mobilegeeks and reported via Windows Phone Mix in China Mobile’s database. It could be an international code name for Lumia EOS, or an entirely different device. Time will tell. We’re hoping Nokia will bring either, or both to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 25th.

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