Corsair HS70 review – 7.1 wireless headphones for PC and PS4

Corsair HS70 review

If when we are playing we like to appreciate even the smallest detail of the sound of the game, with its corresponding wraparound effects and even have an accurate tool to communicate with others when we play online, without a doubt we need to have good gaming helmets. Surely, if we are gamers we know the manufacturer Corsair, who today launches a new wireless headphones 7.1 suitable for both PC and PS4, the  Corsair HS70.

A few minutes ago, Corsair launched the new Corsair HS70 on the market . These new headphones work in stereo and have a virtual 7.1 surround sound driver that will allow us to enjoy our games in simulated surround effect. These headphones are connected to the computer through the manufacturer’s low latency multi-channel receiver through a 2.4 Ghz link, and can operate up to 12 meters away without any cut.

As for the technical specifications of these headphones we find stereo headphones capable of reproducing frequencies from 20 Hz to 20 kHz with an impedance of 32 Ohms and a sensitivity of 111 dB. If we usually play online and communicate with others we will be interested to know that these headphones have a unidirectional microphone capable of capturing sound from 100 Hz to 10 Khz, an impedance of 2.2k Ohms and a sensitivity of -40dB.

Corsair has also taken care of the battery of its new Corsair HS70 headphones, allowing us to enjoy up to 16 hours of play with a single charge. The USB wireless receiver can be connected to both a computer and a PS4, and you can use these headphones on any of the two platforms. Of course, 7.1 virtual sound depends on the Corsair software to work, so if we want to use these headphones on a PS4, the sound will be only in stereo, but as we have been able to prove, the quality is excellent.

These headphones are a simpler version of the already known Corsair Void PRO RGB, perfect for those users who do not need elements with RGB backlighting and looking for a simpler option (in design, not in features) and, therefore, economical, having an official price of 89.99 dollars.

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