Cooler Master MF120R and MF140R: new fans with RGB control

Cooler Master MF120R

The world of RGB is unstoppable, while many deny this technology or its implementation in any computer component, others wonder to be able to add more and more light to your PC or desktop. The truth is that for better or for worse the RGB is here to stay and that is why Cooler Master has just presented its latest fans, the MF120R and MF140R with RGB control (ARGB).

The Master Fan range (MF) is already a fairly large family in terms of fans. With the inclusion of these two new versions Cooler Master aims to find a calculation of aesthetics and lighting together with an unbeatable cooling for its users.

In terms of lighting, each fan has 8 programmable LEDs that can be customized using the software that Cooler Master makes available to its users called MasterPlus.

In case we do not want to download such software Cooler Master has put on sale a pack of 3 X MF120R with an RGB controller that allows you to set up to 10 different lighting presets. What’s more, these MF120R and MF140R are fully compatible with the motherboard lighting technologies of manufacturers such as Asus AURA, ASRock Polychrome Sync and MSI Mystic Light Sync.

In terms of performance and performance, Cooler Master uses a combination of patented noise reduction technology (unspecified) coupled with rubber pads to prevent vibrations and derivations of the same to the chassis.


The engine uses Rifle technology or more commonly known as rifle bearings, where the bearing has a spiral groove that pumps the fluid from a “reservoir”. This allows them to be mounted securely with the horizontal axis (unlike sleeved bearings), since the fluid being pumped lubricates the top of the shaft. The pumping also ensures sufficient lubricant in the shaft, reducing noise and increasing the service life.

This coupled with the design of helicopter blades allow them to reach a rotation speed of 2000 RPM and 2.14 mmH2O (MF120R) and 1500 RPM with 1.6 mmH2O (MF140R) static pressure.

Both versions have PWM technology and will have an MTTF of 280,000 hours along with a two-year limited warranty.

In addition, they include a new intelligent sensor to protect the fan from any jamming, so that if it is detected that any cable or component has been hooked or obstructed the rotation will stop the rotation of the blades, allowing no damage to occur.

According to Cooler Master, the availability of these fans is immediate, while prices will be $14.99 for the ARGB MF120R and ARGB MF140R. While the three-pack MF120R with the RGB controller will rise to $59.99.

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