Bitmain Miner high price will push miners to graphic cards again

antminer e3 - a bitmain miner

In the last month, the demand for graphic cards for mining has suffered an unprecedented fall, mainly due to the big drop that occurred in the market that made many users rethink if they were interested in investing in it. Many miners are hoping to acquire the ASIC for Bitmain’s Ethereum this summer, but the closer the day of their departure approaches, the less it seems that the miners are going to set aside the graphs. For months we have been waiting for the ASICs to become the new cryptocurrency mining standard, mainly the Ethereum, the second most important currency. The graphics companies themselves expect this change to occur, they are noticing the power to replace-after months-the shelves of stores with their GPU, and have decided to make clear their position in front of the gamers.

However, it seems that not everything is going to be as positive as we expect, the speculation in the mining world is transversal and it seems that Bitmain has decided to fall into that game. The Ethereum ASICs promised to outperform a GPU rig, and the 800 dollars of their price could be easily amortized. However, the company has decided to raise the price of ASIC E3 to $2150 by reducing the price / performance ratio to one third, a very low figure.

This decision can not harm only the ASIC design company, but also the gamers, who will see how the trend again leads the miners to acquire new graphics to improve their rig. In fact, there are new mining GPUs already being announced everyday and so.

The developers of Ethereum have announced a proposal with which they intend to change the algorithm to reward ASICs. The new algorithm would rely less on GPUs and would give 80% less benefits to current rigs. This is one of the reasons why companies like Bitmain have decided to raise the price of their products for Ethereum and get a greater benefit now that the developers themselves urge users to buy them.

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