BenQ EZ2775ZH specs: full HD, AMVA + display

BenQ EZ2775ZH specs

BenQ has introduced its new 27 – inch monitor, the BenQ EZ2775ZH , equipped with a matrix display AMVA + and with a magnificent static contrast of 3000: 1, which exceeds the native contrasts that are able to reach most screens on the market a large margin, as well as technology Brightness Intelligence promises to improve the image displayed on the monitor.

The Brightness Intelligence new technology developed by BenQ optimizes performance by adjusting screen brightness to ambient light itself depending on the context and type of images being displayed at that time. Thus, even the details presented in very dark images can be seen by users, regardless of ambient light that surrounds them at that time.

BenQ EZ2775ZH price

Thus, areas with high image clarity not suffer from exposure and the darkest are automatically adjusted to have a clearly visible. Besides, this new technology EZ2775ZH BenQ monitor reduces eyestrain by detecting ambient lighting and make progressive changes in the brightness of the screen gradually. This is coupled with the use of Low Blue Light technology that substantially reduces the amount of blue light emitted by the monitor.

The EZ2775ZH employs a panel resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which has a pixel size of 0.311 mm, which was manufactured by AU Optronics employing an LED array AMVA + type with a refresh rate of 60 Hz, covering 72% NTSC spectrum by having a panel of 8-bit color, which will avoid the famous effect of banding in color transitions. Of course, having this type of panel viewing angles of 178 degrees it is supported by all sides without image distortion or color.

BenQ EZ2775ZH

As already it said, the panel has a static contrast of 3000: 1, and others, 20M: 1 for employing dynamic contrast, alongside a brightness of 300 candelas. As panel I / O, the monitor has two HDMI 1.4 inputs, D-Sub15 input, mini jack 3.5 mm audio input and another to connect headphones to monitor. BenQ has not disclosed the price of this new model.

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