Apple reduces prices of iPhone XR, 8, 8 Plus, XS, XS Max in China

Call it lack of demand or tough competition, Apple has reduced the price of the iPhone in mainland China. The hardest price reduction is in case of iPhone XR whose price has been reduced by whopping 1100 yuan. Now, you only need to fork out 5399 yuan to buy one. Other iPhones including iPhone XR, iPhone8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have also experienced price reductions.

iphone china price

For instance, here are the latest prices from Suning Online Market for different iPhones.

iPhone XS 64GB – 7689 yuan
iPhone XS Max – 64GB 8589 yuan
iPhone XR 64GB – 5399 yuan
iPhone 8 64GB – 3899 yuan
iPhone 8 Plus 64GB – 4788 yuan

In comparison, here are prices from Apple’s website.

iPhone XS    64GB 8699 yuan
iPhone XS Max    64GB 9599 yuan
iPhone XR    64GB 6499 yuan
iPhone 8    64GB 5099 yuan
iPhone 8 Plus    64GB 5999 yuan

If you have been waiting to get onto the iPhone bandwagon or want to upgrade your ‘old’ iPhone to new one, now is the best time.

Also, if you live in China, it is best to buy an iPhone offline than online due to vast difference in price tag.

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