AOC G2590PX / G2: new risky design monitor, 144 Hz and FreeSync

AOC G2590PX G2

Is the fashion of the gamers-sponsored components coming back? Or is it that he has never left? It would be two good questions to open this article, since today AOC has announced its new G2559PX / G2, being the first monitor in the G2 Esports Signature Edition range. This is a very powerful alliance, since it unites one of the leading manufacturers with one of the leading gamers organizations.

The collaboration between two major tends to bear good fruit in the computer world. AOC and G2 Esports have joined forces to launch a new special edition of the brand’s flagship monitor, which will include a unique design featuring the official logo of G2 Esport, a samurai.

The monitor has many outstanding gaming features, such as its 24.5-inch size with a refresh rate of 144 Hz on its TN panel. This panel, as is usual in them, has a response time of 1 ms and supports the AMD FreeSync technology.

In Berlin, Germany, the well-known Spanish professional gamer Carlos “Ocelote” Rodríguez together with G2 Esports quickly established themselves as titans of the European circuit in several e-sports events.

Stefan Sommer, Director of Marketing and Business Development of AOC International Europe said that this monitor (AOC G2590PX / G2) is a sample of the good relationship that AOC has of a very successful organization such as G2 Esports, where they also have the support of all the fans of the professional players of that team.

Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez, who belongs to the G2 Esports team, said that AOC has proven to be a credible partner for them and their teammates. The quality of their monitors combined with the level of commitment and empathy that their team has shown make them feel very proud with this association.

The result is the creation of this  AOC G2590PX / G2 that incorporates the strengths of this association. Thus, they are looking forward to seeing this new monitor at home from its most loyal members of # G2ARMY.

The AOC G2590PX / G2 is based on the number of monitors G90 of AOC, and as mentioned before has a TN panel frameless with a resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels at an aspect ratio of 16: 9. It supports AMD’s FreeSync technology, so we could say that the combination of performance, style and affordability in a single monitor comes to us.

Of course, without losing a fluid, dynamic and without lag or stuttering game experience.

AOC and the G2 Esports team have launched this AOC G2590PX / G2 today and should already be available in major stores and retailers at a price of 369 euros.

Not bad if we have the customization that includes and the quality of the G90 series of AOC, which has penetrated the professional gamer world, more than difficult detail without a doubt.

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