AMD to rename Radeon RX 460 to Radeon RX 560D

Despite being one of the most popular graphics in the mid-range, looks like AMD manufactured way too many Radeon RX 460 units. So they currently have a lot of stock in their inventory. In an attempt to get them out , the company will be performing a rebranding of them to include them in the RX 500 series, and will now sell them under the name Radeon RX 560D. Apparently, this will be 100% rebranding and there will be not single difference between RX460 and RX560D. There will no improvement in terms of the architecture (GPU revision) or an increase of the operating speeds: it will simply be a name change. The reason as said earlier is excess inventory which is now putting extra burden on AMD.

Radeon RX 560D

Therefore, the Radeon RX 560D will be literally the same as the RX 460, and therefore will have lower performance than the current RX 560. However, remember that the RX 560 are already a “rehash” of the RX 460 but with all the stream processors (1,024) unlocked – the original RX 460 only have 896 of the 1024 available in the die and they work at a higher speed, so it is expected that the company announces these “new” graphics at a really low price with the aim of getting rid of them as soon as possible.

AMD to rename Radeon RX 460 to Radeon RX 560D

In the past AMD already “played” with the suffix “D” in the nomenclature of its graphics, in fact in the previous generation with the RX 470 and 470D, although in this case it was a very limited release. It will also sold in Asian market. In any case, if the RX 560D is same as RX 460 but at a cheaper price, it will be a nice solution for those who want to play simple games – mainly eSports. It can also be a really cheap alternative for users who want to dedicate a system for mining crypto currencies, especially with the lack of stock of the more powerful graphics card like RX470, RX570 and RX580.

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