5 Essential Smartphone Features You Need In 2020

Whether you use your phone for business or personal use, most of us have become used to the massive number of features they contain.  From being able to talk to loved ones halfway across the world, to taking action shots on our cameras, to accessing social media, our phones enable us to do tons of stuff.  Here we look at five essential smartphone features you need in 2020.

Essential Smartphone Features

A Very High-Quality Camera

One of the most prolific changes to our day to day life that has been enabled by the smartphone is it’s included camera, which is getting better and better all the time. Some photos taken with smartphones can easily rival the standalone digital cameras available on the market and that means when choosing a smartphone, you’ll want to consider its camera.

These days, a single camera sensor is quite a rare sight in a smartphone, with many including lenses specifically for slow motion, monochrome or wide-angle captures. The TCL 10L UK, for example has four rear camera sensors and is capable of some remarkable photography options, boasting up to 48MP shots from its main sensor.

A High Resolution Screen

Smartphone screens are certainly not equal and the sheer range of technologies that manufacturers might include means that you might be left guessing what the best screen type is when you’re in the market to replace your phone. LCD has been the most consistent screen type because it offers high resolutions for a cost-effective implementation but new technology like OLED and AMOLED are becoming more prevalent. Whichever technology is in use, resolution will ultimately play the biggest role in the image quality of your screen.

Multiple Security Options

Let’s face it – we no longer want to use pin codes or draw patterns to unlock our smartphone. The inclusion of face detection unlock, and a fingerprint sensor has meant that having a locked phone is less of an effort than it has been before. When looking for a new smartphone, you’ll want to make sure it has these options included and that the fingerprint sensor is physically located in a place that is convenient for you.

Large or Expandable Storage

Along with huge resolution photos, we need storage to keep them and that’s where your smartphone’s storage will matter. Some smartphones will offer upgradeable storage options via the use of a microSD card or similar insertable storage device while others might not. While upgradeable storage isn’t compulsory, ensuring the amount of storage you have access to will be sufficient is. If you make constant use of your smartphone’s camera or have a large music playlist that you like to keep downloaded, you’ll want a good amount of available storage.

USB-C Connectivity

The charging port matters for a number of reasons, but if a smartphone still relies on micro-USB, it might be time to overlook it in favour of the more compatible and reversible-plug nature of the USB-C port. They offer compatibility with plug-in storage devices and support fast charging, so are a must in 2020.

There are many more features you’ll see advertised by smartphone manufacturers, but these are the things that stand out. Other features that might be important to you are an NFC sensor or wireless charging. You might also want to know the manufacturer releases software updates often, particularly Android where manufacturer version changes can lag behind the new versions released by Google. All of these features and more are ones you should consider when you come to purchase a new smartphone.