28 Acer Travelmate B116, TravelMate P257 donated to Liceo Classico Virgilio of Rome

The Acer products are intuitive and designed to make learning fun and engaging. They are reliable, simple to use and allow students and teachers to easily access and share content and information, making it more collaborative and fun learning process. Acer also provides reliable customer support. This is of fundamental importance for educational institutions, in which the learning process must not be interrupted due to technical problems.

Liceo Classico Virgilio of Rome

The software solution Acer Classroom Manager (ACM) , available for free, has plenty of features, designed according to different needs of teachers, students and technical staff . ACM simplifies the teaching and learning by integrating multimedia management and monitoring of classroom PCs via simple and intuitive interface. In this way, teachers can focus on teaching, without losing time in the management of many devices.

In fact, with ACM, teachers can easily monitor and interact with students individually, in groups or with the whole class. They can save you time with rapid and simultaneous startup of applications or Web sites of all classroom PC, manage the register of attendance, control the activities and progress of students and subject them to checks of the subjects understanding.

Marco Chapel , Country Manager of Acer Italy, Greece and Israel says: “We are proud to continue to support schools in creating digital classes that allow to implement innovative learning processes. In particular Virgilio Institute, with almost 60 classes, he also assumed responsibility for the Section School Hospital of the Child Jesus, where with their teachers, follows each year about 90 students from all over Italy for receiving medical treatments and therapies. A commendable project. t

With the support of our TravelMate, it will enable the school to offer students hospitalized training programs even in moments of difficulty and thus create conditions for learning at a distance. the Liceo Classico Virgilio, which will be donated computers, is located in the heart of the city of Rome: historical institute founded in the thirties, it is now an educational reality of the most articulated and complex of the city, counting more than 1400 students and five different fields of study, including two international (ESABAC French and Spanish).

Irene Baldriga , President of the Institute said: “Our school is involved in a major effort to innovation and improvement, ranging from information technology equipment, to planning the opening to the territory and the world of work. In the last two years we have wired the entire building with fiber optic connection through the GARR network and fully renewed our computer labs with the support of external partners. “

He added “This donation of ACER allows us now to experience educational proactive mode, moreover, in an inclusive perspective that assumes the use software designed for the facilitation of learning and to stimulate the motivation of boys. the Virgilio is one of the most important and prestigious educational institutions of the capital; the launch of a new methodological experimentation path consolidates an educational project that looks to the future a measured balance between f luffs content, innovation and openness to the world. We are grateful to Acer for offering at the Liceo Virgilio further growth opportunities. “

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