Zoom: Change background easily to your favorite photo

Let’s change the background of the online video conferencing service “Zoom” to your favorite photo. Video conferencing services like Zoom and Google Hangouts Meet are gaining attention, with the need to go out restricted.

zoom change background

Many readers of gadgetmix will be using it for remote work. Camera knowledge is not essential to use these services, but because of the characteristics of “video conferencing”, understanding the characteristics of the camera allows you to have a video conference that is a bit different from the surroundings.

This time, I would like to introduce a method to hold a video conference that is different from the surroundings in terms of image quality and background, as if it were a digital camera Watch.

There are a number of online video conferencing services out there, most notably Zoom, Google Hangouts Meet, and Microsoft Teams. Among them, Zoom is easy to install, easy to handle even for beginners of video conferencing, and has many functions, so many users use it. This time we will mainly focus on Zoom.

First of all, one of the features of Zoom is a function called “virtual background”. This is a feature that allows you to join your meeting by replacing your own background with your favorite image.

If you’re working from home, you probably don’t want to show the background, but this feature lets you join a video conference while keeping your privacy. You can change your mind by changing the image.

How to change background in Zoom?

To use virtual backgrounds with Zoom, you first need to install a special app. After that, go to [Settings]> [Virtual background] from the gear mark on the top right of the screen and use your favorite image. This is a conductor that can be intuitively used even for the first time, so you will not get lost in the operation.

You can also select “Set virtual background” from the “∧” mark beside the camera mark during a video conference.

It’s a great feature for photographers to be able to use their favorite photos as backgrounds. Recently, companies often provide images that can be used free of charge for backgrounds, so it is interesting to look for such things.

Let’s use a virtual background

The virtual background automatically separates the person from the background by image recognition, so anyone can use the virtual background without a special environment such as a green background.

However, it is not perfect because it does not recognize small details such as hair details. Also, if the background is messy, the recognition accuracy may be degraded. It is recommended to use a simple wall as the background because it will be easy to get used to.

If you have a green back, check “I have a green screen” below it to perform more advanced masking. Also, the background image is displayed as a mirror image with the left and right reversed by default, but it is displayed in the correct orientation for the other party, so you do not have to worry.

If you are worried, you can also see yourself in the correct display by unchecking “Mirror my video” (the other party’s display does not change).

In the case of a video conference, since the person is in the center, it is recommended that the background used matches well with a frame composition or a quadrant composition with the subject at the edge. It would be easy to match the symmetry composition.

However, when you try to combine them, there are many things that “it fits unexpectedly”, so it is recommended that you try your favorite photos one after another without thinking about difficult things.

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