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Are you looking for XEL Wallet for storing some Elastic coin? The best and easiest way of storing XEL is by making use of the web XEL wallet. It is super easy to create and intuitive too. Elastic is a decentralized super computer and gaining quite a lot of popularity lately. In this article, we will show you how to set up elastic coin’s XEL wallet.

XEL Wallet app

Step 1 – Visit wallet.elastic.pw portal and click on the link that says “New? Create your account!”. You will be asked to enter a paraphrase. Note it down somewhere as you will need it the next time you login.

Step 2 – In next screen, you will be asked to re-enter the same passphrase. If it is not same as the one shown earlier, you will get an error. After that, you will be taken to the main screen.

elastic coin wallet

Step 3 – Note down your XEL wallet address. It is shown on top left side of window. For instance, mine is XEL-7DDF-QFCF-LCMG-6KMRY. To receive payment, you will need to send it to sender.

The interface of the XEL wallet is simple and easy to use. It is mobile friendly too since the webpage makes use of responsive code that automatically adapts to screen size and resolution. So, even though there is no phone app for this web XEL wallet, the web UI works just fine.

You can find more information about Elastic coin at https://www.elastic.pw/.

Here are some facts about this altcoin:

* Elastic Coin is known as XEL
* Total Coin Supply: 100.000.000 XEL; Distributed Coins: 100.000.000 XEL
* Elastic features the “Elastic PL” programming language
* Normal nodes broadcast unverified POW/bounties
* Super nodes verify work and broadcast verified POW/bounties
* Guard nodes cross verify certain percentages of signed POW/bounties by supernodes to detect malicious behavior

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