Digital music is a very competitive area amongst electronics companies. Now Microsoft is trying to get in on the action by having a music locker service for Xbox. The two big digital music competitors of Microsoft are Amazon and Google, which already sell digital music through lockers of their own. Their music locker services allow you to store music data for free and then access it through their cloud service on any device that connects to the internet. With Microsoft, their music locker would be similar with the OneDrive cloud storage service they provide. It allows users to upload music through the OneDrive folder on their desktop. Once the music is uploaded it becomes available on all devices that support OneDrive, such as Xbox consoles.

You are probably thinking, “What is the big deal about this OneDrive service? Microsoft already has a music streaming service through Xbox Music.” Well, there is difference between a music streaming service and a music locker service. A streaming service just allows you to download music, but it doesn’t let you store it anywhere. The music locker service allows people to take their downloaded music and store it on a cloud that can be accessed from any device in the world that supports OneDrive. What makes this music locker unique amongst other music lockers is the OneDrive music folder that you use for uploading files. All you have to do is drag the music files into this folder and then the uploading begins. The music data will be stored on the OneDrive for easy access from any of your OneDrive supported devices. People that have already downloaded tons of music files through Xbox Music will certainly want to purchase this locker service.

The real challenge that Microsoft will face is getting people who are used to Google and Amazon to convert to Microsoft. There really is no difference in service quality, so why would anyone switch to Microsoft? Well, people who use the Xbox gaming console will likely stay loyal to Microsoft. Gamers tend to be tribal when it comes to a particular gaming company and their services. Ever since Microsoft got into the video game industry, they have created a whole new consumer base for themselves who have stayed loyal to Microsoft’s products and services. These are the people that will likely take advantage of the OneDrive music locker service because they are already using the Xbox Music streaming service to download their music. If the storage service ends up being fast and convenient then word-of-mouth will help spread interest in it even more.