Windows Mobile 10 Preview 14371 and Slow Ring Build 14367 Change log and bugs

Windows Mobile 10 Preview 14371 14367

Microsoft has released a new build version for Windows Insider at night to today, more specifically, the Redmond have pressed it twice on the red button, both times when Windows 10 Mobile . Firstly, was released in Slow Ring Build 14367, on the other hand get Fast Ring users now preview version 14371 offered.

The Slow Build ring with the number 14367 has been published 10 Mobile until the night on Friday in the fast ring for Windows. Now Microsoft has this version deemed stable enough to release it in the stable channel, which is a procedure that should be known to insiders already. Also Build 14371 offers loud blog post a now familiar pattern, because there now is almost exclusively Bugfixing , The only new feature is the so called “Tap to Pay” in Microsoft Wallet.

And these are the improvements and fixes:
Fix for a problem in which the settings icon does not appear properly. In addition, the Add (+) is – Button again shown, as it should. Finally, a crash behavior has been fixed on the battery side.
Playback issues when listening to certain media files from OneDrive in Groovemusic been fixed.
Fix for the behavior in which when tapping a notification in Action Center nothing happened when this was opened “on” the lockscreen and the user was asked to enter the PIN. In addition, notifications was freed from too much empty space.
After a quick opening of the information center and the subsequent turning it comes no longer display errors.
Connectivity problems via Bluetooth with the directional speech were resolved to come more Bluetooth-fixes and improvements of the connection stability.
Fix for errors in connection with the setting of the keyboard after rebooting.
Switching off the mobile data during the absence of a corresponding network no longer causes a freeze.

The Ninja Cat Emoji is now properly displayed in the notifications.
Fixes for several bugs when Cortana has used on the lock screen.
Manually set time and date information are now retained after a restart and a wireless reconnection.
After a command to print using JavaScript occurs in Microsoft Edge no longer on hangers.
Fix for a problem, have not been removed at the crashed Continuum apps from the taskbar.
Fix for a behavior in which certain apps could not adjust the background or lockscreen.
An error with “stuttering” of content in the Movies- and TV app when rotating the screen has been fixed.
In the navigation bar, the back button is now displayed correctly and not erroneously that for the camera.
Fix for a problem when scrolling within UWP Apps.
Fix for incorrect speed at the read-out function.
Fix for app icons on the loading screen in Continuum.
Disconnect Bluetooth devices working properly.
Fix for a playback problem with Groove Music playlists.

There are also some known problems, they affect backups in OneDrive, battery problems the Lumia. models 830, 930 and 1520, as well as wireless disconnections. via

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