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Hands on with the Samsung S2 smartwatch


At a recent IFA Conference that was held in Berlin, Samsung unveiled its new Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch. As most people know, Samsung’s line of smartwatches has been a fierce competitor to the Apple Watch. The Gear S2 features a watch face with a round display, which is different than the original Gear watch that had a rectangular display. Consumers get to choose between two versions of the Gear S2; a classic leather banded watch or a sporty looking watch. The leather band of the classic version can be swapped out with the bands of other Samsung watches by using the quick release mechanism built in. You can choose between black, silver or dark gray colors for the Gear S2. But the cosmetic features of the Gear S2 aren’t even the best part about it. The watch will be able to connect to a 3G network, which means it doesn’t have to rely on mobile phones in order to function properly. This also means it can make phone calls and it can utilize the functions of Samsung Pay. The watch has a 1.2 inch display screen with a pixel resolution of 360 x360. The watch itself is 11.4 millimeters thick, which makes it big but not too bulky. Therefore it should be comfortable on your wrist. 

The Gear S2 runs on an open source operating system called Tizen. Samsung helped develop this operating system in order to separate itself from the Android operating system. After all, it would cut into their profits if they had to pay Google for the use of their operating system in each watch that they sold. By Samsung using their own operating system, it will save them more money in the long run. It will also give consumers a unique user experience when they operate the watch. Instead of being forced to scroll the screen with your finger, you can also rotate the bezel around to navigate through the watch. The bezel moves around the watch face very easily, but there is still a little resistance. However, if you still prefer to swipe the watch face to navigate then you little resistance. However, if you still prefer to swipe the watch face to navigate then you can always exercise that option as well. 

With so many options and over 1,000 apps to choose from, it is looking like the Gear S2 will be a big seller when it comes out next month. The preorders for the watch have already sold out. These were priced at €349 in the United Kingdom, so Samsung seems to be dominating the smartwatch market right now.

Samsung Releases Circular Smartwatch


Smartwatches have been gaining attention over the last couple of years. They are equipped with apps and other functionality that is similar to your smartphone. The only difference is you get the apps on our small smartwatch screen that is wrapped around your wrist. Up until now, smartwatches have had square shaped screens in order to resemble the typical mobile shaped screen. But now Samsung is about to make history by coming out with their own circular smartwatch. This will be an updated version to their Gear smartwatch model, which is said to have more battery life in comparison to the Apple Watch.

The Samsung Gear S2 and S2 Classic will be the smartwatches that have the circular face on the front. They will each have a round screen that is 1.2 inches, or 3 cm, and a battery life of up to three days. Now this may seem like a short amount of time for a watch battery, but you have to remember this is a smartwatch and not a regular watch. The smartwatch will have so much functionality to power that the battery can only power it for three days. But when compared to other smartwatches, this is actually a long period of time. News also revealed that NFC payments technology will be available with the Gear smartwatches too.

The Gear S2 is going to be the superior model out of the two, and also more expensive. It will have additional features, such as a SIM card slot that enables it to operate separately from a smartphone. This will give it the ability to send and receive phone calls as well as text messages. Can you imagine making a phone call through your smartwatch? It will almost make you look like Dick Tracy from the 1990 movie with Warren Beatty. He had a watch that he talked into, except the Gear S2 is round and more sophisticated than the watch in the movie.

Samsung is going to have a lot of competition in the smartwatch marketplace. Fitbit is already the number one selling smartwatch because it specializes in fitness trackers, which is predominately the reason why people purchase smartwatches in the first place. Apple is the second top selling smartwatch maker and Samsung is the fifth top selling smartwatch maker. Samsung has a long way to catch up to the others, but perhaps the circular screen will make people want to purchase them. We shall see if it works or not.

Samsung just revealed the innovative new way its next smartwatch will operate


Samsung has already become a worthy competitor in the smartwatch marketplace. The thing about smartwatches is that you can’t do too much more to improve them. The only thing you can really do is improve the exterior look. The Apple Watch has a rotating crown that fans of the company seem to enjoy. So in response, Samsung revealed that it will have a rotating bezel in its next smartwatch model. The bezel will be shaped like a circle, which is different than the square shaped bezel of the Apple Watch. Critics believe Samsung is trying to differentiate their watches from Apple’s watches as much as they can by using a different shaped bezel on them. However, the Moto 360 also uses a round bezel design on their smartwatch. But they use the Google Android operating system whereas Samsung uses their own operating system called Tizen OS. Therefore, this operating system may be the only thing besides the round bezel that encourages iOS users and Android users to switch to a Samsung smartwatch.

The smartwatches that have been released in the marketplace so far have relied on simple side buttons and touchscreen tapping in order to operate it. But this can become a problem for people who have fat fingers and end up touching the wrong buttons on the small smartwatch screen. That is why the rotating bezel will come in very handy in the new Samsung smartwatch. It will allow users to navigate and control the functions of the watch by simply rotating the bezel. This means people with fat fingers won’t have such a difficult time anymore because they can easily rotate the bezel with their fingers.

Smartwatches are still very new to consumers and they are just starting to get familiar with them. That is why if a company creates a smartwatch that looks good and is easy to use, then users will rush to purchase that watch. It seems like Samsung is working really hard to try and achieve this goal. The only way a competitor could outwit Samsung is by either creating new features on their own smartwatch or by having a lower price. Right now all of the new smartwatches seem to be priced at around $200, so there doesn’t seem to be much differentiation in price. But if one of the companies were to release a watch at around $150, then perhaps they could get more buyers. Only time will tell.



Google Keep for Android Wear Now Lets You Take Notes and Set Reminders From Your Wrist


The Android Wear operating system for smartwatches is becoming popular amongst consumers. The cool thing is that Google is constantly releasing apps for the Android Wear which allows you to perform more tasks with your smartwatch. Google Keep is one of the most popular apps for your Android watch. It lets you organize your notes, photos and lists within the application. In fact the newest update to the device is said to allow users to become completely independent from having to use their smartphones for these kinds of tasks.

Those who are new to smartwatches might be wondering how you actually type words into your notepad. As you probably guessed, smartwatches do not have virtual keyboards that you can text or type in letters with. Instead they rely on the user speaking into it with their voice. So when you launch Google Keep on your Android Wear, you can just create a new note for yourself by speaking the words into the device. Those verbal words will then get translated into written speech and get saved automatically as a note in the program. You can also create written lists and attach pictures to them as well.

A new feature to Android Wear is its “always on” ability. Usually apps will shut down after you drop your arm in order to conserve the life of your battery. With the latest Android Wear update, apps will still turn off after you drop your arm but they will turn back on after you raise your arm to look at the watch. This comes in very handy with Google Keep if you have to constantly look at your watch to check the notes you have written down. For example, let’s say you made your shopping list and put the list into Google Keep. If you want to check off items from your list, you no longer after to restart the app to get to your list after you put your arm down. You can just go right back to the list and continue where you left off by simply raising your arm back up.

If you currently own an Android Wear smartwatch then you should be receiving these updates to its operating system automatically. This means you don’t have to run out and purchase a brand new smartwatch just to get this new feature. Google Keep is one of many exciting apps that are available for the Android Wear watch. Check out the Google Play store to discover more of them.

Google’s Smart Watches Will Have an Important, Frustration-Saving Feature!


Smartwatches are very handy devices, but they are also limited in their abilities when compared to smartphones. For one thing, smartwatches rely on a Bluetooth connection in order to communicate with your smartphone and other mobile devices. As you may know, Bluetooth requires you to be close to your computer devices for the wireless data transfer to work. This means you can get notifications on your watch that correlate with the notifications on your smartphone. But since you have to be close to your phone to get these notifications, is it still worth purchasing the smartwatch when you can just check the phone yourself? Sure there are some models with cellular radios built in, but they are more expensive and very bulky. These hurdles are the main reasons why smartwatches have not gotten popularity amongst consumers.

Google plans to rectify the problems with smartwatches by upgrading their Android Wear devices to include Wi-Fi. But Google isn’t the first company to think of this. Apple has already put Wi-Fi into their Apple Watch devices, but so far no other company has done this. Google plans to compete with Apple by applying the same feature to their line of smartwatches. That way all of their loyal Android consumers can stick within the Android community when it comes to their smartwatches and not have to switch over to Apple. The added perk of connecting your smartwatch to a Wi-Fi network is enough to make somebody want to stay with Android Wear. So Google definitely made a smart choice by adding this perk to their Android watches. Now people can use their Android Wear to connect to their computers, Smartphones and other mobile devices without having to be close to them. They can just go to an internet café or any location with a Wi-Fi hotspot and control their mobile devices from there. Of course you can still switch between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when it is necessary.

Three Android Wear watches that currently have Wi-Fi components in them are Samsung Gear Live, Sony Smartwatch 3 and LG Watch Urbane. But consumers have to wait until Google updates the app software before the functionality of the Wi-Fi works in their watches. When this does happen then all the current owners of these Android Wear devices will be able to connect to a Wi-Fi network through their wrist. On the up side, this means they don’t have to go out and buy an entirely new Android watch just to support this update. Instead they can just keep the watch they have and get the updates for free.

Apple Watch will give everyone a super-intelligent fitness coach

4 Apple Watch

For all those people who make excuses about how they don’t have the motivation to lose weight, now they will have motivation with the new Apple Watch. This smartwatch technology contains a personal fitness coach with super intelligence right inside the watch. The coach will send you motivation messages to inspire you to get off the coach and start exercising. Then while you are doing your exercises, like walking and jogging, it will tell you the intensity of the exercise and how well you are doing them. If it detects that your form is off or that you aren’t going fast enough, it will give you suggestions on how you can improve your workout. The new Apple Watch will be like having your own personal trainer strapped to your wrist all day. Then you will never have to hire an expensive personal trainer by the hour ever again. Instead, just make a onetime purchase of the watch and you will get a trainer for life.


There are plenty of smartwatches on the market that keep track of things like heart rate, distance traveled, time elapsed and so on. The Apple Watch will blow these out of the water. It will push you to the edge during your workouts by having a voice prompt you to get more reps in and work harder. It is like having your own workout partner that is giving you inspiration. Plus, the watch will be able to connect to the internet and download various exercise routines. Then when you go to perform these exercises, it will track your form on those as well and tell you if you’re doing them wrong. It will also count how many sets and repetitions you have done of a particular exercise. That way you don’t have to keep writing it down on a chart or piece of paper like a lot of people do in the gym.

Apple has not released too much information about the watch such as its release date and cost. They are likely still trying to build up enough anticipation for the device. After all, smartwatches are not the biggest selling pieces of smart technology. Since there is already competition on the market for smartwatches, Apple may be waiting to dominate the marketplace with all of the new advanced features of their Apple Watch. By the sounds of what it can do, it is very likely that it may just become a top selling product during the time of its release.

Tom Tom Multi-Sport GPS Watch

TomTom_Sport_Watch_2014If you are physically active and like to log your workouts, then you will definitely be interested in the Tom Tom Multi-Sport GPS Watch. This is a device that you wear around your wrist like a watch, but it does a lot more than just tell time. It has a GPS device built into the watch that will let you measure distance, time, calories burned and more. This device will come in handy for anyone who is athletic outdoors, such as swimmers, runners and cyclists. GPS watches are a relatively new concept, but this isn’t the first time Tom Tom has been involved in constructing such a device. They had previously worked together with Nike to create their Nike+ SportWatch, which also has GPS sensory technology. Now Tom Tom has come out with their own line of GPS watches that will certainly interest any consumer that exercises and likes to integrate technology with it.

Tom Tom is a familiar brand to most consumers who have purchased any kind of GPS device in the past. They are recognized for their quality and innovative GPS designs. Not only that, but they offer affordable options for their GPS watches as well. For example, most people do not all swim, run and ride a bike. Usually somebody does one of these, but not all of them. If that is the case then a person may not want to pay $299 for the Multi-Sport version of the GPS watch. Instead, they can buy the Tom Tom Runner GPS Watch if they only need to track their running details. They also have other models for swimming and cycling as well that are $100 cheaper. All of the watches are available in either dark pink or gray colors. As for the LCD screen, it is bright and has very high resolution that is protected by something called Gorilla Glass. This protective glass keeps the screen safe from scratches or other unwanted scuff marks. Plus, you won’t have a problem reading the screen in sunlight or nightlight. There is even an option to turn on an audio or vibration setting, so that you can hear your results without looking at the screen.

The watch is about two ounces and the battery should give you a good ten hours of nonstop continuous tracking of your workouts. Of course, most people don’t work out for ten hours straight, so you have nothing to worry about. Once you are done with your workout, you can simply recharge the battery with the USB charging stand that is included with the watch.

HTC Smartwatch No Gimmick!

Bloomberg reported, that HTC is working on new android smartwatch and a tablet.

HTC One Smartwatch

HTC One Smartwatch (concept)

Is there a smartphone maker that is not working on a smartwatch? HTC has its problems cut out for them as they struggle to keep the ship above water. HTC One didn’t help sway things upwards as HTC reported first ever loss in Q2 2013, and there are hopes that HTC One Max, but how will a smartwatch idea pan out for HTC remains to be seen.

Talking to Financial Times, HTC CEO Peter Chou confirmed the rumors of HTC developing a smartwatch with Microsoft, but claimed that most existing smartwatches are just toys.

“It has to meet a need, otherwise if it’s just a gimmick or concept, it’s not for people’s day-to-day lives,” Chou told FT. “That is an opportunity for us.”

Juniper Research claims that the smartwatch market of about $1.4 billion in 2013, will reach astounding $19 billion by 2018.

Cher Wang, HTC’s chairwoman broke news on HTC’s tablet efforts.

“When the [HTC] tablet comes out it will be something nice and disruptive,”

If both tablet and a smartwatch come in to play and Robert Downey Jr does his magic, the tide may just turn on HTC in 2014.

Source: Bloomberg

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