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CES 2016: New 8K Television


The Consumer Electronics Show of 2016 introduced many exciting new television sets. You have probably heard about the 4K televisions that were introduced by numerous electronics companies, such as Sony. But what LG introduced at the CES was something that nobody expected; the 8K television set. That’s right this is a 98-inch television by LG that is about double the size of the best selling televisions out today. It also has an 8K display, which means it has even better resolution than the ultra high definition 4K televisions that are out now.

Quadrupling the number of pixels was no easy task for LG, which is probably why it is such a big television set. As for the price, it is probably not going to be in the average consumers’ price range. LG currently has another 98-inch television that has 4K resolution, which is priced at $40,000. The only 8K television out right now is from Sharp. They have an 85-inch television in 8K resolution that sells for $130,000. Most people probably couldn’t fit a television like this in their living room anyways. Unless you have a mansion and a million dollars in the bank, you probably won’t be able to afford this.

For those who are still willing to spend under $10,000 for a television, you can purchase the Samsung 4K 85-inch television for just under $9,000. LG also has a 79-inch 4K television set for $6,000. You can find these televisions at big retail stores like Best Buy. Of course, if you are going to enjoy 4K, or 8K, resolution, then you need to be watching content made for this kind of display. You can’t just turn on the television or pop in a Blu-ray disc and expect the quality to be 4K or 8K. The content has to be made for that quality or else it will show in lesser resolution.

If you are more interested in ultra thin televisions then you should try LG’s G6. The company refers to it as “picture on a glass” because it is basically like hanging a picture frame on the wall and watching television from it. With a thickness of 2.57 millimeters, the television almost disappears when you look at it from the side. There is no price yet on this television, but it will have sizes that go all the way up to 77 inches. So it will be interesting to see if consumers prefer the ultra thin computer or the super ultra high definition computer. The price is likely to be the deciding factor here.

We’re still watching TV only bigger ones

smart tv watching

TVs have certainly come a long way from the ungainly boxes that first found their way into living rooms around the world. From these early days of black and white images and limited channels, the technology on offer to home viewers has increased beyond almost all recognition.

One of the most important developments over recent times has been the emergence of smart TVs. These products enable users to engage in a whole range of activities. For example, their owners can stream films directly to their sets, share web photo albums, make Skype video conference calls and even peruse Google maps.

The term ‘smart TV’ refers to internet-enabled sets. In many cases, this means that the TVs have access to a range of apps, a web browser and home network files. All of these features are combined and appear in one interface. The sets have to be connected to routers and broadband, either via an ethernet cable or using Wi-Fi. Some TVs have Wi-Fi built into them, while others are ‘Wi-Fi ready’. To operate this second category of set, users typically have to buy a separate Wi-Fi dongle.

Like all products, smart TVs continue to advance and improve. All of the smart sets launched over the past couple of years offer a number of apps, including YouTube, Facebook and Skype. They also come with access to an app store so that users can customize their TVs. Meanwhile, many versions now allow consumers to browse the web using their remote controls. This means that instead of being restricted to certain apps, users can visit any website. To help make this experience more convenient for people, manufacturers are working on solutions such as remote touchpads, virtual on-screen keyboards and plug-in USB keyboards.

Leaders in the field include Samsung, Sony and LG, but there are lots of other manufacturers out there creating smart TVs.

The market for these devices remains strong at present. According to research conducted by Ofcom in the UK, people are still coming together to watch TV on a main set in their living rooms. The organization found that 91 per cent of adults in Britain tune into these sets at least once a week.

Commenting on the findings, Ofcom’s director of research James Thickett said:

“Our research shows that increasingly families are gathering in the living room to watch TV just as they were in the 1950s – but now delivered on bigger, wider and more sophisticated sets.”

Toshiba TVs at CES 2013

Toshiba L93000 4k TV at CES 2013

Toshiba brings image processing to 1080p video. Using their CEVO 4K 4+2 Core Processor Toshiba 4K TVs restore the image quality and upscale it to Ultra HD quality. For fast videos, games and sports Toshiba new TVs use ClearScan 240Hz refresh.


There are three L9300 Series UltraHD 4K LED TVs Toshiba shows off. 58-inch, 65-inch and 84-inch. No prices have been given, but along with Cloud TV services L93000 will be available this summer. Other Toshiba LED TVs L2300, L7300, and L4300 come put in March.

Toshiba also features their new Qosmio X875 gaming notebook with superb GeForce GTC 670M graphics, 1TB high-capacity hybrid hard drive, and Harmon-Kardon audio.

Samsung UN85S9 “world’s largest” Ultra HD TV

Samsung UN85S9 Ultra HD TV ces 2013

At 85-inch this floating Ultra HD TV Samsung UN85S9 is said to be the world’s largest Ultra HD TV!

Samsung UN85S9 Ultra HD TV features 1.35Ghz quad-core A15 chip making voice control, S-Recommendation and Smart Hub possible. There are 4 HDMI ports and 1 optical audio port. The TV screen is LED backlit 4K LCD.

Samsung UN85S9

Samsung covered over 20,000 square feet of space at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Most of the space have been covered with enormous TV sets. There is 85, 95 and 110-inch TV set into a swinging easel. The Easel stand serves another purpose besides tilting and looking great. It also allowed Samsung to fit a 2.2 speaker set of 120 Watt and a subwoofer without worrying about the extra thickness.

Stunning though they are, most of these TV sets will not see production. The only model to be released as early as March will be Samsung UN85S9 Ultra HD TV for about $30,000.

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XVT Series Ultra HD Razor LED Smart TV by Vizio

Vizio XVT Series Ultra HD Razor LED Smart TV

Vizio XVT Series Ultra HD Razor LED Smart TV

A gorgeous 2mm bezel 70-inch 4K Smart TV by Vizio showcased on CES 2013 is said to be affordable!

With 4 times the 1080p resolution this 3D Ultra HD TV. According to Vizio’s Jim Noyd, this XVT Series 240Hz HDTV can “display native 4K video without down conversion”. XVT features built-in WiFi with Vizio smart TV platform to play all internet video available via Amazon Instant video, Netflix, Hulu Plus and other sources.

Sure Samsung’s 85-inch 4K TV is gorgeous, but $30,000 price tag would make many people take a second mortgage. Vizio’s XVT Series Ultra HD Razor LED Smart TV is promised to be “consumer friendly”. No exact price have been given though. First XVT TVs should hit the shelves in Q3.

Vizio also introduced a huge 80-inch M Series Smart 3D TV with 1080p (no 4K) for video streaming at CES.

Asus Qube with Google TV

Asus Qube set-top box

Asus Qube set-top box

Asus showcased their new set-top box for Google TV called Qube at CES 2013.

It does what other set-top box like Netgear NeoTV Prime do which is transferring HDTV content from Netflix, Google Play, or Amazon Instant Video on your TV, but it sets itself apart from the rest by a 50GB of Asus’ cloud storage, the WebStorage. The Cube has a funky rotating UI and special remote is equipped with motion sensor for playing games. This allows users to control the rotating cube on screen with motion gestures. We can expect this Asus Qube to cost around $100.

You know, the word is that Google Play is dead, but seeing how many OEMs produced set-top boxes and smart TVs for Google TV, it seems that market isn’t all that dead. Getting smart TVs a bit more user friendly and bringing the costs down a bit as well, may make a heck of a lot of difference. Recent Morgan Stanley and AlphaWise survey suggests that smart TV owners spend less time accessing internet than owners of TVs that are well, not so smart.

Panasonic at CES – Smart TVs and bone-conducting headphones

Panasonic Viera smart TVs

Panasonic Viera smart TV

In a press conference at CES 2013 in Las Vegas Panasonic summarized their lineup of smart TVs, Blu-ray Players, micro stereos and what’s described as bone-conducting headphones.

Panasonic’s flagship TV is of course their new Viera TV featuring customizable Home Screen. You can tap your smartphone on TV to share your content via NFC and Viera’s Swipe & Share 2.0. Users can use Voice commands on remotes or their own smartphones. 3 HDMI and 3 USB ports allow for sufficient connectivity. Dual-core processor with a ‘Hexa Processing Engine’ improves picture quality. These Panasonic DT60 TVs come in 55-inch and 60-inch format and will be available in spring.

Plasma line of TVs is represented by flagship TC-PZT60 TV. With new Studio Master panel and ‘thinnest-ever gas layer’ Panasonic promises no more hazy and double images. There is new red phosphor, fast switching, and 2D and 3D THX certification for improved performance.

There are four new Blue-ray players showcased at CES by Panasonic; 3D and 2D players featuring built-in Wi-Fi for web browsing, 3D to 2D conversion and Viera Connect streaming services. Miracast enables syncing of all pictures, video and audio with your latest android smartphone (android 4.2 jelly bean). 2D models have streaming enabled from Hulu Plus, Netflix, Vudu, Amazon Instant video, YouTube and CinemaNow. These Blue-ray players should be available in February, but no word on pricing.

Panasonic bone conducting headphones

Panasonic’s bone conducting headphones RP-BTGS10

Here is something new! Panasonic has a different take on delivering tunes to your senses. Designed for joggers, these headphones aren’t attached to your ears. RP-BTGS10 Bluetooth wireless headphones rest in front of one’s ear canals. The audio is essentially bouncing off of your cheekbones. Panasonic promises these out this fall in several color options. No word on pricing.

CNET has the live blog on this Panasonic Press Conference

World's first big screen OLED TV only 4mm thick!

LG big screen OLED TV


CES will be rich with new TV offerings this year including an Samsung’s unprecedented TV design, Westinghouse Roku TVs and LG’s Ultra HD TVs.


LG will dazzle us with new 55-inch, 66-inch and 84-inch Ultra HD TVs; each with over 8 million pixels. These 4K TVs will have an incredible 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution. Life will be good at CES with new full HD smartphone displays and world’s highest resolution computer monitor.

LG will no doubt steal the spotlight at CES 2013 with world’s first big screen OLED TV measuring mere 4mm in thickness and weighing only 3.5kg. Arrival of this TV doesn’t just mean a cool TV offering. Organic LED (light emitting diodes) technology is revolutionary on big screen TVs as it offers clearer images, sharper contrast and life like color saturation than LCD (liquid crystal display) technology.

First OLED TV was introduced by Sony in 2007, but it measured only 11-inches. Samsung is the only company apart from LG that has the technology to make this kind of TV, but the title of the first big screen TV using OLED technology goes to LG. Samsung is presumably also working on OLED TV saying that

“making perfect products is more important than the launch schedule.”

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