Smartwatches have been gaining attention over the last couple of years. They are equipped with apps and other functionality that is similar to your smartphone. The only difference is you get the apps on our small smartwatch screen that is wrapped around your wrist. Up until now, smartwatches have had square shaped screens in order to resemble the typical mobile shaped screen. But now Samsung is about to make history by coming out with their own circular smartwatch. This will be an updated version to their Gear smartwatch model, which is said to have more battery life in comparison to the Apple Watch.

The Samsung Gear S2 and S2 Classic will be the smartwatches that have the circular face on the front. They will each have a round screen that is 1.2 inches, or 3 cm, and a battery life of up to three days. Now this may seem like a short amount of time for a watch battery, but you have to remember this is a smartwatch and not a regular watch. The smartwatch will have so much functionality to power that the battery can only power it for three days. But when compared to other smartwatches, this is actually a long period of time. News also revealed that NFC payments technology will be available with the Gear smartwatches too.

The Gear S2 is going to be the superior model out of the two, and also more expensive. It will have additional features, such as a SIM card slot that enables it to operate separately from a smartphone. This will give it the ability to send and receive phone calls as well as text messages. Can you imagine making a phone call through your smartwatch? It will almost make you look like Dick Tracy from the 1990 movie with Warren Beatty. He had a watch that he talked into, except the Gear S2 is round and more sophisticated than the watch in the movie.

Samsung is going to have a lot of competition in the smartwatch marketplace. Fitbit is already the number one selling smartwatch because it specializes in fitness trackers, which is predominately the reason why people purchase smartwatches in the first place. Apple is the second top selling smartwatch maker and Samsung is the fifth top selling smartwatch maker. Samsung has a long way to catch up to the others, but perhaps the circular screen will make people want to purchase them. We shall see if it works or not.