Razer Overwatch review

Razer Overwatch review

This new set of custom peripherals is headed by the new headphones Razer ManO’War Tournament Edition (TE) gaming headset destined to become the great novelty of the brand in terms of design and performance gaming, followed by the keyboard BlackWidow Chroma , mouse DeathAdder Chroma and the mat Goliathus Extended . Players will enjoy an exceptional audio experience, expanded and improved thanks to the lighting effects Razer Chroma, along with the keyboard and custom mouse with the style of play, while they can view with warnings you light actions in the game, alongside the distinctive colors of each Hero, skills and cooldowns of these in real time.

Razer Overwatch reviews

Overwatch Razer headphones ManO’War TE will be available in stores starting next June and are designed to provide maximum performance and comfort during long gaming sessions. These headphones include a retractable microphone mute and volume control on the same wire, allowing a clear and quick communication during matches. The retractable microphone can be extracted from the left hull and its flexible design allows having it at a distance that users can change at will at any time.

These headphones have a headset with speakers of 50 mm in diameter that are designed specifically for gaming and emit a clear sound without interference and to distinguish Deadeye skills McCree or sound barrier Lucio and listen as they to be perceived. These headphones have a closed circumaural design to avoid outside noises and are completed by filling leather pads that endow great comfort in long sessions of games Overwatch sure to provide its players.

The 3.5 mm jack connection and splitter cable adapter for a further extension allow these Overwatch Razer ManO’War TE are compatible with many platforms whether the personal computers and major consoles this time. The new Razer headphones can already be booked at a price of € 129.99 and will go on sale from June.

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