Plextor S2 Series: the new mid-range manufacturer with chips TLC

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Plextor has announced the launch of its umpteenth family of solid – state devices midrange, the Plextor S2 Series . In this case, these SSDs come equipped with memory TLC NAND Flash manufactured by SK Hynix, operated by a controller Silicion Motion SM2258 provides not only a good performance, but also a great longevity to the device.

Let’s start talking about the options. The S2 series of Plextor will be available from October at a price that has not yet announced, in 2.5-inch format and M.2 but in both cases with SATA 3 interface and capabilities 128, 256 and 512 GB nothing else. The manufacturer has said that SSDs will be very attractive for its price, so it will be expected that in this sense prove very economical.

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As for the technical characteristics, as we said at first they will have TLC NAND Flash memory manufactured by SK Hynix. Unlike other technologies (SLC, one bit per cell and MLC two bits per memory cell) the TLC chips (three bits per cell) allows greater storage density occupying the same space, so costs are reduced manufacturing, heat generated is reduced and overall energy efficiency of the unit is improved.

At first, the TLC chips had a major drawback, and longevity is lower than the other two types. Today this has changed a lot and TLC 16 nanometer chips manufactured by Hynix and SK have been used in these Plextor SSDs longer have the same durability as SLC chips, or even more. Not surprisingly, the manufacturer guarantees these discs with 3 year warranty.

Finally, there is talk about their performance. The Plextor S2 used as said at the beginning a Silicon Motion SM2258 controller capable of providing speeds up to 520 MB / s read and 480 MB / s writing, reaching up to 98,000 and 78,000 respectively IOS read rates and random write.

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