Philips Brilliance 258B6QUEB Review

Philips Brilliance 258B6QUEB review

When choosing a good monitor for our computer, we will surely spend hours comparing alternatives, looking for great quality, great features and, above all, something that fits our budget. Currently there are a variety of manufacturers of monitors, some specialized in the gaming world, others who opt for the economic range, and other well-known manufacturers, such as Philips, which offers high-quality monitors suitable for all activities , as is the case with the Philips Brilliance 258B6QUEB. The Philips Brilliance 258B6QUEB monitor  offers us a 25-inch screen with a QHD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and a frequency of 60 Hz ideal for both working and playing multimedia content and even playing the most demanding games thanks to its IPS panel with response time of 5 ms. Despite the fact that this monitor offers us great image quality, its main strength is connectivity, which is that we can connect it to practically any device and through any video port.

If you’re looking for connectivity, the Philips Brilliance 258B6QUEB can connect to everything. One of the main strengths of this monitor is its connectivity, which is that we can connect it through any video port to adapt to all types of equipment and devices. So, for example, we can connect the Philips Brilliance 258B6QUEB through HDMI, VGA, DVI, DisplayPort, and even through the USB-C port , increasingly present in all types of devices.

In addition to its connections, this monitor also has an integrated USB 3.0 Hub that will allow us to connect any type of USB to our computer. Other features that we can find in this monitor is that we can put it vertically , something very important if we plan to read great articles (and even books or comics) or we are dedicated to programming. We will also find 2W 2.0 speakers integrated into the monitor, perfect for those who, without being demanding with the sound quality (at least, in the bass), have no space on the desk to place other speakers more powerful.

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