Philips 246E7QDSB with Full HD panel LED-PLS technology

Philips 246E7QDSB review

Not everyone seeks Gaming monitors with high resolution and low latency. There are people who simply need a “normal” monitor to work , and therefore conventional monitors still have a large market share. In this sector , Philips has an extensive catalog, which is expanded with the introduction of its new model 246E7QDSB / 11 with a panel of 23.6 inches , resolution Full HD technology and LED-PLS.

In “normal” or rather “conventional” have precisely the characteristics of this new monitor Philips: 23.6-inch screen with maximum resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels, 5ms GTG response time, maximum brightness of 250 cd / m2 and a dynamic contrast ratio of 20,000,000 to 1 (ratio real contrast 1000-1).

Actually the only unusual feature of this Philips 246E7QDSB / 11 is using an LED-PLS panel instead of the usual LED-IPS is typically used in this type of computer monitors. The PLS technology, as explained in an article dedicated to the different technologies of LED panels, is somewhat more advanced than the IPS. As in this, the liquid crystals inside the panel are placed in a parallel arrangement to the glass, so that their viewing angles are very large (178 degrees), with almost the same color fidelity that IPS panels but with the advantage that they are a bit faster (so they have 5ms response time, and therefore are valid for games).

Philips 246E7QDSB reviews

But even if it is valid to play monitor it is not designed for this purpose, but rather to work. It incorporates Philips Flicker Prevention technology (we know commonly as Flicker Free technology anti flicker to reduce eyestrain), as well as Smart Contrast technology that allows a darker blacks level, and Smart Image Lite, which optimizes intelligently parameters of contrast, brightness and color depending on the type of content being viewed.

Philips installed on the 246E7QDSB / 11 video input VGA (D-Sub), DVI-D and HDMI compatible with MHL, so compatibility is maximized with all types of systems, from the newest to the most old. It is expected to hit stores on day 20 or 21 of this month at a price that will be around 140 euros.

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