pc vendor shipments worldwide stats q4 2012

Data includes desktops and portable computers, but not tablets (click to enlarge)

Lenovo had slipped into the second place in worldwide PC shipments with HP taking once again the crown. Lenovo has performed the best and showed the biggest growth of 8.2 percent, but according to Gartner stats Lenovo shipped 13,976,668 PCs taking up about 15.5 percent in World’s PC market share.

HP regained its title as the world’s biggest PC maker after it was de-crowned in Q3 of 2012 by Lenovo.

90.3 million computers (excluding tablets) were shipped in Q4 last year. That is almost 5 percent less than year earlier. Tablets sell big, but numbers above do not necessarily suggest that tablets are replacing PCs. In fact, the trend suggests and analysts confirm, that tablets are acquired to do personal computing like checking emails and browsing the net. Creative and work related tasks are left to home desktop computers.

All in One desktops are to become much more prevalent this year and as demand for higher performance computers rises, so will the average price of such home systems.