Patriot Viper V760 RGB keyboard is first backlit mechanical keyboard

Patriot announces the Viper V760 RGB, which will be its first mechanical keyboard with backlit keys. “The Patriot V760 RGB mechanical keyboard for gamers is sure to be the envy of all your friends and rivals in the next LAN Party,” or so the manufacturer says. The keyboard features 104 programmable keys, each with Kailh Brown switches, and 16.8 million customizable colors through Patriot’s built-in software to illuminate each key. Thanks to them, the V760 will provide a personalized experience and an ideal tactical response.

Patriot Viper V760 RGB keyboard (3)

With six dedicated multimedia keys and a 104 key rollover system, as well as its great anti-ghosting capability, no touching will go unnoticed as users edit their latest YouTube video or while mastering their rivals while playing the latest game on their computer personal. Any activity you want to do with it will be possible thanks to its great ergonomics and careful design.

Patriot Viper V760 RGB keyboard (1)

The V760 is built with a durable aluminum chassis and a removable magnetic wrist rest for maximum comfort and support during those long nights of battle. All this makes the durability of the keyboard is assured for a long time and assures the user that their investment will not stop working in a long period of time. But if you do, the user will always have the peace of mind behind Patriot’s award-winning customer service and a two-year warranty.

Patriot Viper V760 RGB keyboard (2)

The use of the Kailh Brown mechanical switches provides a touch and feedback on the fingers to the users which encourages them to continue to use it for many hours. If a screen or a mission gets especially complicated, the user can continue trying until it gets through thanks to its comfort of use. The V760 keyboard is compatible with almost all Windows operating systems, including Windows 10 and Mac OS X or higher.

Patriot has not yet revealed when it will start marketing or what will be the final price that will have this backlit keyboard for when it reaches the hands of consumers.

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