, an intelligent recruitment platform with artificial intelligence

Stellar Software technologies have churned out, a recruitment platform that makes use of clever analytics and artificial intelligence. It integrates itself with the applicant tracking system and then ranks the incoming job applications based on their past and on-going trending hiring patterns.

param ai review makes use of innovative features like ATS mining, candidate correspondence, automated tasks, analytics and dashboard etc. Param knows that the talent acquisition industry is currently facing ongoing challenge to find and hire the best talent quickly. The company has to go through thousands of applicants with their existing applicant tracking systems and CRMs to find the best candidates. All this is done manually. helps recruiters to increase the speed at which they hire which reduces the number of hours spent on manual hiring process. It also helps them make great and data-backed hiring decisions. Data is key in recruiting, and Param aggregates and standardize the data for recruiters so that they stay focused on engaging and hiring top talent.

param ai india

The AI of Param helps the recruiters manage better communication with the candidates and keeps them engaged. This ensures that that there are fewer last minute offer declines. The company is now looking to crack key partnerships with some of the leading recruitment platforms which includes ATSs, job boards etc for an accelerated growth and adaption.

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