oovoo app on blackberry 10

OoVoo app will enable HD video chats of up to 12 people of various platforms all at once.

RIM has substantial loyal clientele primarily in business sector. If it wants to compete with Windows Phone 8 for 3rd spot in smartphone market share, it needs to expand its user base to young audience. Blackberry Z10 and X10 are to be launched tomorrow and the whole world will be tuned to see just what kind of platform Blackberry 10 is and how different it is from android and iOS.

OoVoo app may not make people switch from other platforms en masse, but it may offer alternative choice when time comes to choose another phone. OoVoo app will be available to all 6 Blackberry devices planed later on this year. For now OoVoo video conferencing app is available on android for free.

Via cnet