Newskill EOS: new high-end gaming mouse with up to 16,000 DPI and RGB

Newskill EOS

Newskill adds to its catalog the gaming mouse Newskill Eos, which comes with customizable software. It is a top-of-the-range mouse, with a very good ergonomics and designed to give us the best functionality in first-person shooters. The design of this product is designed for those people who use the mouse with the hand in the form of a claw, although it is still ergonomic for all types of grip. Within this product we find a state-of-the-art optical sensor with up to 16000 DPI, RGB lighting and exclusive software that allows us to configure its six buttons in a very simple way, so that they adapt to our needs in applications and games.

As for its RGB lighting, we find a phase lighting that gives us the possibility to choose between the different effects that it incorporates. In addition, we can configure 10 profiles; giving us the power to decide how, how much and in what way the RGB lights of our Eos mouse will be displayed. As usual, we can also turn off the lights of this mouse and use it in environments where it may be uncomfortable to have a mouse light source.

The new optical sensor that incorporates is the Pixart 3360, an optical sensor that greatly improves the accuracy of our mouse (about 250 inches per second) and 50 G of acceleration.

If you look at its finishes, the RGB LED lighting is shown by the bottom of the mouse in a line that rotates the support area, just below the buttons and on the scroll wheel. It is a very clean design that integrates the six buttons on both sides (2 to 2) and on the top. In the lower part we find the pads that are Teflon and ensure a smooth movement by the surface or carpet that we use.

Specifications Newskill Eos
Optical sensor: PMW 3360
Maximum resolution: 16,000 DPI
Duration of the switches: 20 million pulses
Cable length: 1.8 meters
Golden USB
Dedicated software
Maximum speed: 250 IPS
Acceleration: 50 G
Teflon pads
Weight 135 grams
Dimensions: 123.45 mm x 65.77 mm x 39.30 mm

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