MSI B360 Gaming Pro Carbon review

MSI B360 Gaming Pro Carbon review

Three are the new chipsets that come to accompany Z370 for Coffee Lake . Although they are chipsets that will not compete with the Z370 that is the top of the range for the LGA1151 v2 socket , it is true that they come to complement it and to fill that gap that in economic terms is not capable of filling Z370. The chipsets H370, H310 and B360 have many deficiencies in relation to Z370 but that is precisely what makes them essential.

What is clear is that with the entry on stage of these chipsets, we can say that we find the perfect companions for the core i3 and the core i5. It is true that for processors less top, to speak of some form, plates must be found more adapted to their capacities. And that’s where the three chipsets that you can start finding tomorrow in the market appear. We talk about chipsets without OC capacity, with less PCI-e lines and with a series of absences that could make us think that they do not make much sense. But they are the perfect complement for less demanding processors and for people looking for less “vitaminized” equipment because their needs are not particularly high.

The answer is given by MSI. When we have an MSI gaming license in front of us, if we do not eliminate the deficiencies of a chipset, at least we can disguise it. And that’s what MSI does. And is that the aesthetic and functional improvements should not be exclusive of high-end chipsets but can convert a normal plate into a plate, at least, desirable.

MSI B360 Gaming Pro Carbon reviews

We think it’s a great idea that we can give that gaming adjective to plates with more modest chipsets and we can provide cheaper plates with those improvements such as Mystic Light, that elegant design, a good audio controller and that large number of possibilities in terms of storage. .

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