MSI Aegis: The Most Powerful Gaming desktop

MSI Aegis review: MSI has announced the launch of a new generation of equipment Gaming desktop, the MSI Aegis . It is specifically prepared to play teams that will be sold both as barebones (without hard disk and memory) as fully complete equipment set up and ready to plug and play.

MSI Aegis review

The MSI Aegis have been designed from scratch to become a powerful tool for Gamers who would like to and fro and carried with them a team with plenty of power to run any current full title. Therefore, the Aegis equipment are compact yet powerful and highly customizable and can be equipped with one of the most powerful graphics solutions now, the GeForce GTX 980 Ti full size which is also being used in Razer Core gaming desktop.

MSI has designed the Aegis case with great perspective. To begin with, it is a compact and easy to carry thanks box integrated handle. In turn, it is a component that will draw much attention for its aggressive aesthetic Gaming, combined with lighting Mystic Light of MSI.

MSI Aegis reviews

But Aegis are not only design, but also give the user quick access to internal components, making installation of components, and also have a very good cooling (that MSI has dubbed Silent Storm Cooling 2) consisting in three separate streams individually to cool the components that generate heat inside the computer, resulting in cool, quiet air system.

Of course, all MSI Aegis are equipped with the latest technology based manufacturer plates, plates that include Audio Boost 3 technology to provide the best audio performance, large capacity Overclock and generally everything you need for a high performance Gaming System.

MSI has not announced neither the price nor the availability of this new family of pre-configured equipment, nor has it said anything about what will happen with the Nightblade family who were his barebones Gaming par excellence until now.

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